Economic-financial Figures

You can consult the main economic and financial indicators and the evolution of the different Iberdrola España businesses in the Nine months 2020 Results Report [PDF].

The EBITDA figures for Iberdrola España businesses at the close of the Nine months 2020 were:


The EBITDA reaches €1,202.9 million (-7.2 %), due to the reduction in remuneration after the start of the new regulatory period (-44 million euros), as well as the extraordinary positive effects posted last year that affect the year-on-year comparison, such as the transfer of the fibre optic contracts to Lyntia (49 million euros) and positive reassessments (33 million euros).

Generation and Retail:

The EBITDA climbed 4.7 % to reach €1,230.1 million due mainly to:

  • A drop in production of 11.3 % to 25,356 GWh, as we increased purchases of energy from third parties and from our renewables business, given the downward trend in prices.
  • In addition, in the second quarter of 2019 an extraordinary positive impact of 89 million euros was recorded for the placing of LNG long-term supply contracts at market value, following the agreement reached with Pavilion Energy Trading & Supply for the assignment of the contractual position in these agreements.
  • COVID-19 has caused a drop in demand that has had a 28 million euros impact on the business.


EBITDA is on €444.8 million due to the lower sales price to the marketing business following the drop in the pool price, and despite increased production (+22.6 %), driven by hydro-electric improvements (+53.9 %) and greater photovoltaic capacity following the entry into operation of the Núñez de Balboa plant in Badajoz.