The main economic-financial figures and the evolution of the different businesses of Iberdrola España can be consulted in the Report for the 9M Fiscal Year 2022 [PDF].

The evolution of the Ebitda of Iberdrola España's businesses at the close of the Fiscal Year 2022 is as follows:


EBITDA for this Business stood at EUR 1,608.0 million, a decrease of 1.5%, with Net Operating Expenses decreasing by 18.9% to EUR 220.6 million due to the efficiency measures carried out in the previous year, which affect negatively in 2021 and positively this year.

Electricity Production and Customers:

Net Operating Expenses increased by 26.8% to EUR 1,107.3 million and Taxes increased to EUR 773.1 million, due to the positive impact in 2021 of the asset turnover plan in NOE and due to court rulings and legal measures in the Tax line. EBITDA therefore decreased by 4.1%, standing at EUR 3,460.2 million.