Economic-financial Figures

You can consult the main economic and financial indicators and the evolution of the different Iberdrola España businesses in the First Half 2021 Results Report [PDF].

The EBITDA figures for Iberdrola España businesses at the close of the First Half 2021 were:


EBITDA rises to €836.3 million (+5.8 %), due to the lower remuneration established since 2021 at 5.58 % (-14 million euros) which is offset by income from new investments, and the recalculation of quality and OPEX incentives from previous years (+21 million euros).

Generation and Retail:

EBITDA falls to €349.8 million due mainly to:

  • Production was virtually flat compared to the First Half 2020, reaching 14,942 GWh, with nuclear production showing a slight recovery (+2.9 %), offset by a reduction in combined cycle (-8.7 %), due to higher renewable production.
  • Business margins have been affected by the higher cost of supplies, mainly due to trends in gas and CO2 supplies.
  • COVID-19 has caused a drop in demand that has had a 13 million euros impact on the business, while the effects of storm Filomena has also affected business costs.


EBITDA grew by 229.2 % to €990.1 million, due to increased production (+29.5 %) driven mainly by hydro-electric power (+37.9 %), although also by onshore wind (+12.1 %), as well as increased solar capacity (138.1 %), which reached 1,429 MW, and a higher commercial business sale price as a result of the increased pool price.