We are the subholding company of the Iberdrola group in Spain.

We group together the stakes in the parent companies of the energy-related businesses of grids, electricity generation, and commercialisation of energy through sustainable sources that carry out their activities essentially in Spain. Our activity is carried out through the following subsidiaries: Iberdrola Energía Sostenible España, i-DE Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes and Iberdrola Energía España.

Organization chart of Iberdrola España [PDF]

Below you will find details of the activities carried out in each business subdivision:

  • Iberdrola Energía Sostenible España is the parent company of the deregulated business of electricity generation and the commercialisation of electrical energy through sustainable energy sources. It is the company responsible for carrying out all kinds of activities, works and services related to the business of producing and marketing electricity through facilities that use sustainable energy sources.
  • i-DE Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes is the parent company of the network business in Spain. Its activity is regulated by Law 24/2013 of 26 December, on the Electricity Sector and its implementing regulations. Its main function is to transport electricity from the generating plants connected to the distribution network itself to the final consumer's installation. Improving the quality of supply is an essential element of the electricity service and one of the fundamental objectives of the company's activity. From the point of view of the regulatory framework, its most important functions are as follows:
    • Plan, develop and operate the distribution network.  
    • Extend facilities to meet new supplies.  
    • To provide the service with the regulatory quality of service.  
    • To measure consumption at supply points.
    • Billing of access charges.
  • Iberdrola Energía España is the parent company of the marketing business, both in Spain and abroad, which groups together the interests of the companies that carry out deregulated electricity marketing activities, carrying out the wholesale and retail marketing of electricity and natural gas, as well as the provision of services and energy products.

Through these different business lines, we currently have several projects under construction that have become real milestones for the company due to their size and commitment to innovation.

Our main responsibility is to disseminate, implement, and ensure the monitoring of the general policies, strategies, and guidelines of the Iberdrola group, of which we are a part, essentially in Spain. We are also responsible for centralising the provision of common services to such head of business companies, always in accordance with the provisions of applicable law and, in particular, the regulations on the separation of regulated activities. The head of business companies have their own boards of directors and have the necessary autonomy to carry out the day-to-day management and effective management of their businesses, as well as the responsibility for their day-to-day control.

The Iberdrola group stands out for its track record of growth and anticipation of society's energy needs. Effort, talent, commitment, and enthusiasm have accompanied us throughout our more than 170 years of history.

Iberdrola's commitment to energy development is also materialised through its care for our environment and people. It is today the leading European electricity company without state ownership by market capitalisation and a world leader in renewable energies. A position built on its corporate purposes and values, with a corporate culture of integrity and transparency and with ethics always present in our business model and in our decision-making chain.