Current Events

  • Iberdrola SuperA Awards.

    Thirteen famous figures from Spanish sport will decide the winners of the Iberdrola SuperA Awards

    The Technical Committee of the Iberdrola SuperA Awards has already selected its Honorary Panel of Judges, which will be made up of thirteen famous figures from Spanish sport. Eight women and five men will decide the winning projects in each of the six categories at the very first of these awards: Iberdrola SuperA+, Iberdrola SuperA Base, Iberdrola SuperA Competition, Iberdrola SuperA Inclusion, Iberdrola SuperA Social and Iberdrola SuperA Dissemination. LEARN MORE

  • Wind farm.

    Iberdrola will provide 100 % renewable energy under a long-term agreement with Vodafone in Spain

    The alliance reinforces Iberdrola's strategy to enter into bilateral agreements that promote the supply of power at competitive and stable prices to large customers who are committed to sustainable consumption. MORE INFORMATION

Key Points

  • Green Recovery.


    Iberdrola group believes that the economic and employment recovery after COVID-19 has to be green, which is why it is pressing for the adoption of a new social-economic model which is climate-neutral, resilient, sustainable and inclusive.


  • Iberdrola SuperA awards.


    Iberdrola group presents the first edition of the Iberdrola SuperA Awards to recognise and give visibility to the best initiatives in Spain in favour of equality and the empowerment of women through sport.


  • Startup challenge.


    In its effort to minimise the impact of power lines on the environment, Iberdrola is launching a new Startup Challenge in search of innovative solutions to improve the coexistence of overhead lines with fauna and flora


  • Startup challenge.


    Iberdrola group is launching a new Startup Challenge in search of solutions that will help improve wind turbine monitoring systems, especially those solutions that can be implemented quickly, easily and inexpensively on older farms.


Top Stories



    Resilience, the key to coming to terms with the post-coronavirus world

    The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives and the world as we knew it upside-down. If the British government coined the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On during the Second World War, now it's German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has been asking her compatriots for "resilience" to face the health crisis and its economic and social repercussions. Below we offer the keys to understanding this concept and making it work in these troubled times. DISCOVER THEM


    Darío Urzay.

    "Art will always be there because we artists can always create and we are always creating"

    The Basque artist Darío Urzay is not hiding his concern over the impact of COVID-19 on the world of culture in general, and on the art world in particular. Nevertheless, he paints an aura of hope and he certainly believes in artists' capacity for survival: "Things are always going on in our heads and sometimes a sheet of paper and a pen are all we need to start something." KEEP READING