Products and Solutions in Spain

  • Electric power

    Electric power

    Would you like to save on your electricity bill? Choose the plan that best suits your consumption needs.

  • Energy efficiency in Spain

    Energy efficiency in Spain

    Improving energy efficiency means gaining in savings, comfort and ecology. Find out how we help our customers to reduce the energy consumption of their homes and businesses.

  • Electric mobility

    Electric mobility

    We are aware of the key role of the electrification of transport in the energy transition in Spain and, for this reason, we promote electric and sustainable mobility.

  • Smart Solar

    Smart Solar

    Do you want to install solar panels and generate your own energy to save on your bills? Find out what smart solutions we offer for our customers in Spain.

Our Business

  • Our Company

    Our Company

    Iberdrola España's main responsibility is to disseminate, implement and ensure monitoring of the general policies, strategies and directives of the Iberdrola Group in Spain.

  • Business lines

    Business lines

    Here you can find all the information about Iberdrola España's different business lines, from energy generation to commercialization.

  • Iberdrola España, for electric and sustainable mobility

    Iberdrola España, for electric and sustainable mobility

    As part of our commitment to accelerate the development of sustainable mobility, we are at the forefront in the development of charging infrastructures and all our charging points use energy with guarantees of renewable generation origin.

  • Creating value, progress and well-being

    Creating value, progress and well-being

    At Iberdrola España, we work to strengthen our social dividend and to generate more value in those communities in which we are present. To achieve this, beyond the work we do every day to bring electricity to homes and businesses in Spain, we work every day so that our activities can increasingly benefit the lives of millions of Spaniards.

Top Stories

  • Commitment to sport is part of the Iberdrola Group's DNA

    Sport is a key tool for reinforcing the company's commitment to society. In a world in which sport is a catalyst for dreams and passions, the Iberdrola Group has demonstrated over the years an unwavering commitment to supporting sport in all its facets.

  • How reservoirs promote sustainable water use and help mitigate the effects of drought in Spain

    The reservoirs in which Iberdrola has hydroelectric power plants play an important role in the efficient use of water in Spain, especially in times of scarcity, by storing water from rivers, streams and rainfall and allowing us to regulate its flow with precision through the dams. In this way, while generating clean, renewable energy, we are helping to reduce the impact of droughts and floods in river basins.