Iberdrola Group promotes the awarding of scholarships for 'green job' training

His Majesty the King, accompanied by the Chairman of the Iberdrola Group, Ignacio Galán, took part in a day of support for young talent and excellence, during which he presented the Scholarships corresponding to different training programmes promoted by Iberdrola and its Foundation in Spain for 2023-2024.

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  • Electric power

    Electric power

    Would you like to save on your electricity bill? Choose the plan that best suits your consumption needs.

  • Energy efficiency in Spain

    Energy efficiency in Spain

    Improving energy efficiency means gaining in savings, comfort and ecology. Find out how we help our customers to reduce the energy consumption of their homes and businesses.

  • Electric mobility

    Electric mobility

    We are aware of the key role of the electrification of transport in the energy transition in Spain and, for this reason, we promote electric and sustainable mobility.

  • Smart Solar

    Smart Solar

    Do you want to install solar panels and generate your own energy to save on your bills? Find out what smart solutions we offer for our customers in Spain.

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  • Energy transition

    Energy transition

    The key role of the energy transition in Spain to face the challenges of climate change.

  • Battery storage

    Battery storage

    Discover how energy storage batteries are an important technological solution to drive the energy transition in Spain.

  • Iberdrola and the reservoirs

    Iberdrola and the reservoirs

    Find out how reservoirs promote sustainable water use and help mitigate the effects of drought in Spain

  • Smart grids

    Smart grids

    We continue to make progress in the transformation of electricity grids towards a smarter, more reliable and secure infrastructure.

Top Stories

  • Join the International Master Scholarship Programme 2024

    On 1 February 2024, Iberdrola España will open its new call for applications for the International Master's Scholarship Programme. This programme is intended for graduates and final-year students, and it is aimed at promoting excellence in the training of new generations, as well as fostering the employability of young people. Visit this website for more information on the new call for applications.

  • Discover how pumped-storage power plants work and their essential role in energy storage in Spain

    With the increasing use of renewable sources to generate electricity, there is a need to store the renewable energy produced. Pumped hydro power plants emerge as the most efficient and cost-effective renewable option for large-scale energy storage.