Ángeles Santamaría: "More than 80 percent of Iberdrola's purchases are made from local suppliers"

The CEO of Iberdrola Spain, Ángeles Santamaría, participated this morning in the round table discussion Leading the ecological transition in an economy of territorial opportunities, at the Generation of Opportunities Meeting on the challenges of sustainable development.

Key Points

  • Green Recovery.

    Green Recovery

    The economic and employment recovery after COVID-19 has to be green, which is why we are pressing for the adoption of a new social-economic model which is climate-neutral, resilient, sustainable and inclusive.


  • Green hydrogen.

    Green hydrogen pioneers

    In its mission to lead the energy transition, Iberdrola is spearheading the development of green hydrogen, with over 60 projects in eight countries, to meet the demand for electrification and decarbonisation in sectors such as industry and heavy transport, among others.


  • Startup Challenge.

    Startup Challenge

    Help us to improve pipe cleaning in thermal power plants.


  • Iberdrola Podcast: to understand everything around you

    Did you know that the Moon has water on its surface? That the next world war could be started by a hacker's cyber-attack? And what comes to mind when you hear about the sixth great extinction? Listen to these podcasts for those who want to change the world and understand everything around us.


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    Green steel, a material ready for industrial decarbonisation.

    Green steel: a material read for industrial decarbonisation and widening the horizons of electrification

    The steel industry is responsible for 7 % of the CO2 emissions caused by mankind worldwide. For this reason urgent action is needed to initiate a decarbonisation process which also has the potential to be a massive economic opportunity. Iberdrola is committed to creating a more sustainable world and is already working on projects designed to minimise its impact with major players in the steel sector. DISCOVER THEM


    Is the age of the androids getting closer?

    Is the age of the androids getting closer?

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, recently announed that his company would start developing androids in 2022 with the intention of them taking over the dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks currently performed by humans. Although some have questioned the announcement, the truth is that other companies, such as Honda and Toyota, among others, have been working on this type of machine for years which will sooner or later become an everyday part of life. KEEP READING