Andalusia produces solar energy with biodiversity-friendly projects such as the Andévalo and Cespedera plants

Andalusia has 1,157 MW of installed renewable capacity and is the autonomous community that receives the most hours of sunshine in Spain. Therefore, is an ideal region for the installation of photovoltaic plants. In total, Iberdrola España has installed six plants with a total capacity of 223 MW, which are capable of supplying the needs of over 110,000 families. Thus, the company is investing in a region that is traditionally little exploited, but rich in natural resources such as solar radiation, capable of being transformed into 100% clean and renewable energy.

Andévalo solar power plant, in Huelva

Solar power plants in Andalusia

Number of solar power plants 6
Total installed capacity 223 MW
Number of households benefited 111.500
Year of first installation 2020

In 2020, we began our presence in Andalusia with the construction of the Andévalo solar plant, a plant that was also part of an innovative initiative: we decided to install 162 beehives there to demonstrate that renewable installations are compatible with the preservation of biodiversity

We have also carried out a similar initiative in Cádiz: the installation of the Cespedera plant led us to promote the reintroduction of the Spanish imperial eagle in the province. With projects such as these, Iberdrola España reaffirms its commitment to the economic development of the region of Andalusia, paying attention to its impact on the environment.

Solar plants in Huelva

Huelva is not only the sunniest province in the region, but also the one that enjoys the most hours of sunshine in the whole country. Iberdrola España has installed one of its most interesting solar plants here because of its relationship with its surroundings: the Andévalo solar plant.

Andévalo solar plant

Located in the municipality of Puebla de Guzmán, the Andévalo solar plant was the first that Iberdrola España built in Andalusia, and since its installation it has avoided the emission of 15,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. With an installed capacity of 50 MW, this plant is capable of covering the needs of 25,000 families. It was built within the largest wind power complex in Western Europe -the wind farm of the same name- and covers an area of 150 hectares.

As part of its commitment to preserving biodiversity, Iberdrola España decided to install 162 beehives at this power plant. This is an initiative promoted together with Tesela Natura that aims to show how the installation of pollinators in renewable energy parks located near agricultural land can improve crop yields. The initiative earned the plant the UNEF Certificate of Excellence for Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation. It was the first facility in operation to achieve this. 

The Andévalo plant has also contributed to decarbonising beer production: the energy it produces is used to supply electricity to Heineken's four breweries in Spain. Iberdrola España signed the first long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Dutch company between an electricity company and a brewery group in Spain.

Solar plants in Seville

Seville is the second sunniest province in the country, and the one with the most solar MW of Iberdrola España in the whole region. It has a total of three installations, all in the same municipality.

Poleo, Cornicabra y Espliego solar plants: Project Guillena

Located in the Sevillian municipality of Castilblanco de los Arroyos, the Poleo, Cornicabra and Espliego plants are part of the same project: the Guillena project. Together, they have an installed capacity of 144 MW -the equivalent of enough to cover the needs of 72,000 families per year- and prevent the emission of 32,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Its construction in 2022 generated up to 720 jobs during peak work periods, thus contributing to the development of the Sevillian economy. 

Solar plants in Cadiz

Cádiz is one of the Andalusian provinces with the most wind farms in Iberdrola Spain. In 2023, it also made its debut in solar power generation for the company: this year, we built our first solar plant in Cádiz. With the installation of the Cespedera solar plant, Iberdrola España is taking advantage of the abundant number of hours of sunshine that the region enjoys.

Cespedera solar plant

The Cespedera photovoltaic plant is located in the Cadiz municipality of Medina Sidonia. It has a capacity of 27 MW, which is enough to supply 15,000 homes a year with clean energy. Since its construction, Iberdrola España has avoided the emission of 7,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. The project has involved an investment of €18 million and has generated 160 jobs during peak periods.

Thanks to the installation of this plant, Iberdrola España also promoted, together with the Regional Government of Andalusia, an initiative for the reintroduction of the Spanish imperial eagle in this province: we invested €65,000 to carry out different actions for the recovery, maintenance and research into the behaviour of these birds.