A comprehensive and cutting-edge regulatory package

In discharging these responsibilities and in the exercise of its decision-making powers, Iberdrola España, S.A.U. has adopted its own Governance and Sustainability System, which constitutes its internal order, made up of the By-Laws, the Purpose and Values of the Group and its Code of Ethics, and the corporate policies and regulations or rules of governance and compliance that have been approved by the board of directors of Iberdrola in its capacity as a holding company and adopted by the Company, thus being incorporated into its Governance and Sustainability System.

The Company develops its strategy in accordance with a purpose and certain values to which all of the entities and persons forming part of the Group are committed, the common denominator of which is the sustainable creation of value and the search for a social dividend, and leadership in the performance of all of its activities.

Iberdrola España has a book containing all the main regulations and procedures of its Governance and Sustainability System [PDF] (Spanish version).