Wind farms in Castile and León

Iberdrola España boosts wind power in Castile and León with more than 1750 MW of installed capacity      

With a surface area of 94,224 km2, Castile and León is the largest autonomous community in Spain. Its extensive territory and favourable wind conditions make it the autonomous region with the highest wind power production - generating 23% of the total national production - and renewable energy production in our country.  The region not only encourages the use of clean and sustainable energy sources, but also promotes the creation of jobs linked to renewables in rural areas. In this way, since 2012, the wind energy sector has generated 14,000 jobs in the autonomous community. 

Wind farms in Castile and León

Wind farms in Castile and León

Number of wind power plants 59
Total installed capacity 1.773 MW

At Iberdrola España, Castile and León is the autonomous community with the most wind farms: a total of 59 facilities, spread across seven of its eight provinces, with an installed capacity of 1,773 MW, producing electricity for thousands of homes. In addition, the region is home to the first hybrid wind and solar plant in the country, in Burgos, and three wind farms with the most powerful wind turbines on the market. 

Over the next few years, it is estimated that Iberdrola España will promote both wind and photovoltaic renewable projects in the region, which will add up to more than 2,400 MW of installed capacity. This initiative will involve an investment of €2 billion and the hiring of approximately 18,000 people. 

Wind farms in Burgos

Iberdrola España operates in Burgos with 748 MW of installed capacity, making it the province with the most installed capacity in Castile and León. The province has 25 wind farms, including: Ballestas and Casetona (69 MW), Fuenteblanca (10.4 MW), Huesa (18 MW), Orbaneja (31.5 MW), Valdesantos (13.5 MW), Alto Degollada (50 MW), Buniel (104 MW) and Valdemoro (49,5 MW).

Herrera II Wind Farm Complex

The Herrera II wind farm complex, whose construction began in 2021, consists of three facilities in Burgos: La Huesa, Valdesantos and Orbaneja. With 63 MW of installed capacity, this complex provides energy to approximately 60,000 homes annually and reduces the emission of 50,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. 

The wind farm has 14 wind turbines equipped with 70-metre-long blades and a diameter of 145 metres. Each of these wind turbines has a unit capacity of 4.5 MW, which is seven times more power than the first wind turbines installed in Spain two decades ago. The construction of the Herrera II wind complex involved an investment of €70 million and its development contributed to the hiring of some 800 professionals. 

BaCa Wind Complex

Located in Castrojeriz and Vallejera, the Ballestas and Casetona wind power complex has an installed capacity of 69.3 MW, thanks to its 20 wind turbines. The wind complex, in operation since 2019, supplies electricity to 25,200 homes annually and reduces the emission of 40,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. In addition, both facilities are part of the first hybrid wind and solar power plant in Spain

The construction of the complex was marked by the local component. The materials of the wind turbines, such as the towers, blades and transformers, were manufactured in Burgos or nearby provinces such as Asturias, Cantabria and Soria. 

Buniel wind farm

The Buniel wind farm is located in the Burgos municipalities of Albillos, Arcos de la Llana, Buniel, Cavia, Cayuela, Villagonzalo Pedernales and Villalbilla de Burgos. The wind farm has an installed capacity of 104 MW – making it one of the most powerful in Castilla y León. Buniel is made up of 20 wind turbines, whose blades are more than 70 metres long. Thus, the wind turbines at the wind farm double the height of Burgos Cathedral. 

Valdemoro wind farm

The Valdemoro wind farm, located in the province of Burgos, has an installed capacity of 49.5 MW. It is made up of eleven wind turbines, with a height of 107.5 metres and a rotor diameter of 145 metres. 


Wind farms in León

León has great potential for wind energy production. Over the years, several wind farms have been developed in this region to take advantage of this renewable energy source. Iberdrola España operates 4 wind farms in the region: La Cueza (8 MW), Argañoso (22 MW), Valdecarrión (34 MW) and Valdeperondo (46 MW). Thus, the province has more than 110 MW of installed capacity. 


Wind farms in Palencia

Palencia is the third province in Castile and León with the highest wind power production of Iberdrola España: a total of 198 MW of installed capacity. Its resources and electricity infrastructure make the region an ideal place to continue developing clean energy production in the community.  Iberdrola España operates the Dueñas (3.4 MW), Grijota (5 MW), Encinillas (23.4 MW), Chambon (33.2 MW), Cruz de Carrutero (40 MW), El Teruelo (43.4 MW) and Carrasquillo (49.3 MW) wind farms. 

Wind farms in Salamanca

Iberdrola España operates a single wind farm in the province of Salamanca: Sierra de Dueña. The wind farm consists of 37 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 31.5 MW and produces enough clean energy to supply more than 32,000 homes annually. 

Wind farms in Soria

Soria is the second province in Castile and León with the most wind farms owned by Iberdrola España, with a total of 16 wind farms: Moron de Almazan (50 MW), Layna (50 MW), Bordecorex Norte (44.4 MW), Ventosa del Ducado (44 MW), Bullana (38 MW), Hontalbilla (36.6 MW), Los Campillos (34 MW), Radona 2 (32 MW), Tarayuela (30 MW), Hontalbilla 2 (28.9 MW), Grado (27.2 MW), Radona 1 (24 MW), Tablado (19.8 MW), Sierro (19.55 MW), Canalejas (18.7 MW), Portelrubio (4.98 MW). These installations, with a total installed capacity of 502 MW, represent approximately 40% of the installed wind power capacity in the region. 

Bordecorex Norte Wind Farm

The Bordecorex Norte facility, in the Soria municipalities of Caltojar, Velamazán and Barca, has an installed capacity of 44 MW. Its construction began in 2004 and required an investment of €42.4 million. 

Radona 1 and Radona 2 wind farms

In 2009, Iberdrola España commissioned the Radona I and Radona II wind farms with an investment of €69.4 million. The facilities, comprising a total of 28 wind turbines, are located in Adradas and Alcubilla de las Peñas. They have a total installed capacity of 56 MW and are capable of supplying electricity to 26,135 homes.

Portelrubio wind farm

The Portelrubio wind farm, inaugurated in 2007, is located in the towns of Fuentelsaz de Soria and Almarza and has an installed capacity of 5 MW thanks to the installation of six wind turbines. The construction of the facility has required an investment of almost €6 million and evacuates the electricity generated through the Soria Este substation.

Wind farms in Valladolid

Iberdrola España has a presence in Valladolid through two wind farms: Peñaflor III and Peñaflor IV, with almost 100 MW of installed wind power capacity.

Peñaflor III and Peñaflor IV Wind Farms

Located in the municipalities of Peñaflor de Hornija, La Mudarra and Castromonte, in the province of Valladolid, Peñaflor III and Peñaflor IV wind farms have an installed capacity of 49 MW.


Wind farms in Zamora

Iberdrola España's commitment to clean energy production in Zamora is reflected in its presence in four wind farms: Labradas (36.55 MW), Valmediano (34 MW), Valdelanave (10 MW), Villalazan (4.98 MW), with a total installed capacity of 86 MW

Labradas wind farm

Inaugurated in 2002, the Labradas wind farm is located in the municipalities of Arrabalde, Villageriz, Villaferrueña and Alcubilla de Nogales and has a total installed capacity of 36.55 MW

Its initial start-up involved an investment of €21 million. In addition, the energy production of Las Labradas is equivalent to the consumption of approximately 18,000 families, which means an annual saving of 4,100 tonnes of oil equivalent.


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