Peñarrubia plant generates solar energy and contributes to the promotion of sustainable development in Murcia

Murcia is an ideal region for the production of photovoltaic solar energy, and at Iberdrola Spain we have decided to use this important source of clean energy to promote sustainable development. We have commissioned 150 new megawatts (MW) of solar with the construction of our first solar power plant in Murcia, the Peñarrubia plant, and other facilities (99,86 MW). This brings Murcia's installed capacity in renewables to 328 MW.

Peñarrubia photovoltaic plant.

Solar power plants in Murcia

Number of solar power plants 2
Total installed capacity 150 MW
Year of first installation 2023

With the construction of facilities that allow us to harness new sources of clean energy in this region, at Iberdrola Spain we reaffirm our commitment to move towards the energy transition and consolidate our commitment to solar energy, a source of energy to which more than 20% of investments in renewables have already been allocated in accordance with our 2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan.

Peñarrubia solar power plant

With the construction of the Peñarrubia solar plant, Iberdrola España has commissioned a total of 50 new MW of solar power with the capacity to provide sustainable energy to 25,000 homes. Located between Yecla and Jumilla, it has 90,000 panels that will generate more than 86,000 MW hours per year. By taking advantage of the solar radiation in this area, the emission of 15,000 tonnes of CO2 per year will be avoided.

Solar energy is 100% renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting, but it not only contributes to sustainable development, but also helps to boost the local economy: for the construction of the new Peñarrubia plant, up to 250 people have been hired during peak periods and the services of several companies in the region have been used.

It is also the first facility to be built as part of the deal signed in 2023 with Norges Bank, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, to jointly invest in a portfolio of wind and solar renewable projects in Spain totalling 1,265 MW. For this particular facility, Iberdrola España has earmarked €30 million, which has contributed to boosting the business fabric of the Region of Murcia.