Art and culture in Spain

Iberdrola España, a promoter of sustainable development through culture

Iberdrola España is committed to art and culture through constant patronage and dissemination, support for new forms of artistic expression, and the restoration of historical heritage in Spain. We also promote the decarbonisation of society through our commitment to ensuring that, at Iberdrola Music, major music, cultural and entertainment festivals and events are held with minimal environmental impact.

museo guggenheim

At Iberdrola España, we have been committed to art and cultural development since the last century.

Patronage, support for new forms of artistic expression and the restoration of cultural heritage are the main channels through which we materialise our commitment to culture. 

Iberdrola Music, Europe's largest sustainable play area

We are committed to creating a more sustainable future and this also involves promoting the decarbonisation of large leisure and cultural festivals. For this reason, since July 2023, we have a new space for musical, cultural and entertainment events in Madrid, called Iberdrola Music. It is the largest sustainable space in Europe dedicated to leisure and culture.

Promoting cultural heritage and restoration projects in Spain

We promote initiatives to support cultural heritage sites. We carry out initiatives in artistic monuments and unique buildings to improve their lighting and promote energy efficiency. Thus, we illuminate multiple spaces with clean energy, which reduces environmental pollution, and we also collaborate with projects for the recovery and conservation of historical heritage. 

We have supported the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao since its creation and have also been collaborating with the Prado Museum for 12 years. We do this both through initiatives such as "The Prado in the streets" and the accessibility works at the Thyssen.

Iberdrola Collection

In order to bring culture closer to everyone, we also have our own art collection, which is regularly taken to museums and other institutions for exhibition and public enjoyment.  The collection is divided into three important stages that also represent the history of the company.