17 AUG 2023

Iberdrola España starts the commissioning process of Cespedera, its first photovoltaic plant in Cádiz

  • Located in Medina Sidonia, it has 27 MW and will supply 15,000 homes with clean energy, equivalent to a town like Ubrique.
  • The project has involved an investment of €18 million and has generated 160 jobs during peak periods.


Iberdrola España is accelerating its renewable strategy in Andalusia with the start of the commissioning process of its first photovoltaicEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.  plant in Cádiz, once its construction has been completed. The Cespedera project, located in Medina Sidonia, has a capacity of 27 MW, enough to supply clean energy to 15,000 homes a year, which is about the size of Ubrique. 

The installation, which is connected to the Gazules substation, consists of more than 47,700 tracker modules. This system maximises energy collection by allowing the modules to move along the path of the sun. The renewable electricity produced by the modules will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 7,000 tonnes of C02 per year.
The project, considered of strategic interest by the Andalusian Regional Government, has involved an investment of €18 million and has generated 160 jobs during peak periods, contributing to the revitalisation of the industrial fabric. This plant has been promoted in the region together with Prosolia.


Biodiversity protection

Iberdrola España has taken various measures to protect the environment and biodiversity during the planning and development of the photovoltaic park, which will continue during its commissioning. 

As a continuation of the company's plan to recover the imperial eagle in Cadiz, different actions have been carried out such as the purchase of GPS to locate the species or the manufacture of hacking cages. These are large cages that imitate a natural nest and allow the birds to grow and develop all their plumage and musculature before taking flight. 

Climbers and veterinarians have also been hired to rescue imperial eagle chicks, as well as personnel to care for the imperial eagle chicks until they are able to feed themselves. In addition, drinking troughs, shelters, roosts and nest boxes of different types for different species of birds, bats and insects will soon be installed. 

Commitment to Andalusia

Andalusia, with more than 1,000 MW of green power, is another key region in Iberdrola España's renewable energy development plans. The company is present in seven of its eight provinces - Almeria, 50 MW; Granada, 198 MW; Cadiz, 168 MW; Seville, 54 MW; Huelva, 342 MW; Malaga, 153 MW and Jaen, 26 MW. In fact, the energy company is the leading wind power developer in the region. 

In photovoltaic energy, the company is currently building the Poleo, Cornicabra and Espliego plants.Enlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.  Also declared of strategic interest by the community, they form part of the Guillena project, in the Castilblanco de los Arroyos municipality of Seville, and have a total capacity of 144 MW.  In addition, the 420 MW Ribera plant and the 330 MW Caparacena plant have obtained a positive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). 

During 2022, the company generated an economic impact of €720 million from its activity in the community, 6% more than in the same period of the previous year.