26 JUN 2019

Fundación Iberdrola España launches a new, more modern and accessible website

  • The new platform is in line with the format and functionalities of the Iberdrola group's different websites. However, it has its own identity similar to that of all the other websites of the group's Foundations

Today, Fundación Iberdrola España launched a new website (www.fundacioniberdrolaespana.org) that is more modern and that makes it easier to access information and interact with the entity it represents. With this new digital architecture, Fundación Iberdrola España also aligns itself with the characteristics of the rest of the Iberdrola group websites. At the same time, it retains its own identity similar to that of all the other websites of the group's Foundations (Fundación Iberdrola México, Scottishpower Foundation, Avangrid Foundation and Instituto Neoenergia).

Fundación Iberdrola España.

This portal features an innovative design that enables it to be viewed on all devices and screen sizes and shares content comfortably and quickly via social media. Furthermore, it includes browser interaction elements designed to improve user experience.

This platform can be used to access information about the various fields within which the Foundation works, keep up to date with the progress of its projects and their results, download the institution's reports and dissertations, and to keep up with the latest news items published in the Press Centre.

Iberdrola, committed to society

Through its Foundation, Iberdrola is committed to the energy, cultural and social development of the autonomous regions in which it operates. Fundación Iberdrola España, which has an annual budget of around 6 million euros, implements programmes and collaborates in initiatives designed to encourage improvements in the quality of life of the most vulnerable people and centred on sustainable development.

With its mission of contributing towards the sustainable creation of social value within the communities of its sphere of influence, the Iberdrola Foundation performs its social activities of designing and implementing social projects, develops grant programmes for training and supporting research and partners public and private institutions for the conservation and promotion of the arts and culture. All of these fields form part of the Iberdrola group's social commitment, which has incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda into both its corporate strategy and sustainability policy.

For example, in the field of training and research, mention must be made of the programme for funding research into areas such as environmental protection, clean energies and combating climate change, as well as the bestowal of art restoration grants. In the area of biodiversity and climate change, the Foundation is developing initiatives that address the protection of birdlife, the conservation of wild habitats and the raising of awareness regarding the importance of protecting the environment. As far as art and culture are concerned, support is being given to projects aimed at the restoration, conservation and lighting of Spain's historical-artistic heritage. And finally, a significant part of the budget is being channelled into the Foundation's Social Program from which the projects of different organisations from all over Spain benefit.