20 JUL 2021

Iberdrola and Irizar accelerate electric mobility: agreement for the electrification of urban transport and green energy supply

  • They will work on projects associated with the electrification of urban bus fleets, the recycling and reuse of bus batteries and the deployment of smart charging infrastructure.
  • The alliance will also explore R&D programmes, demonstration projects and the development of new technologies in this field.
  • Iberdrola deploys a sustainable mobility plan with 150,000 charging points and works with manufacturers to decarbonise the production process of electric vehicles and their life cycle, based on renewable energy.
  • Irizar e-mobility - part of the Irizar Group - manufactures and markets electric buses as part of its commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Iberdrola, Irizar and its subsidiary Irizar e-mobility are accelerating their commitment to electric mobility with the signing of a framework collaboration agreement to add actions aimed at technological innovation in the electrification of bus transport and to provide solutions to the immediate challenges of decarbonisation in the field of urban mobility, electrifying bus fleets and incorporating recharging infrastructure.

Movilidad eléctrica.

The alliance begins with the award to Iberdrola of the renewable supply with Guarantees of Origin (GoO) at Irizar's factories, with the aim of contributing to the decarbonisation of the life cycle of its buses. The energy company will also advise Irizar in all areas that contribute to the group's sustainability, including energy efficiency projects, self-consumption, etc.

Bus electrification, battery recycling and smart charging infrastructure

The agreement between the companies includes joint analysis of urban bus fleet electrification projects, demonstration projects, R&D programmes and specific bilateral projects for the development of new technologies applicable to electric mobility and the acceleration of electrification in transport.

These projects may be carried out on the electrification of urban transport fleets, the recycling and reuse of batteries from Irizar e-mobility vehicles and smart charging to optimise infrastructure and energy use.

The alliance brings together the capabilities and strategies of both companies: Iberdrola leads, as a driving force, the electrification of transport towards a decarbonised economy, while Irizar manufactures and markets buses and industrial vehicles, as well as charging systems and infrastructures for urban electromobility.

The agreement, which will be in force for two years, in addition to exploring joint opportunities for electric mobility, envisages formulas for collaboration on the decarbonisation of the manufacturer's network of collaborators.

Electric mobility and green recovery

Iberdrola remains committed to the electrification of transport in its transition strategy towards a decarbonised economy, as a key lever for the reduction of emissions and pollution, as well as for green recovery in the post-COVID world.

The company is rolling out a sustainable mobility plan, with an investment of 150 million euros, with which it will intensify the deployment of charging points for electric vehicles in the coming years. The initiative foresees the installation of close to 150,000 charging points in homes and businesses, as well as on urban roads, in cities and on the main motorways in the coming years. The commitment to the deployment of high-efficiency stations will take the form of ultra-fast (350 kW) stations every 200 kilometres, super-fast (150 kW) stations every 100 kilometres and fast (50 kW) stations every 50 kilometres.

Iberdrola is aware of the need to promote electromobility in Spain through coordinated and effective action with the main agents involved. In this regard, the company has already completed more than 50 infrastructure deployment agreements with administrations, institutions, companies, service stations, dealers and electric vehicle manufacturers.

Iberdrola was the first Spanish company to sign up to The Climate Group's EV100 initiative, with the aim of accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, committing to electrify its entire fleet of vehicles and facilitate charging for staff in its businesses in Spain and the UK by 2030.

For its part, the Irizar Group remains firmly committed to sustainable mobility and to leading the transition towards zero emissions by improving urban environments. Through Irizar e-mobility, it offers turnkey electromobility solutions for sustainable, efficient, intelligent, accessible, safe and connected public transport. The company continues its expansion with the implementation of these solutions and collaboration and distribution agreements in Europe.