25 JAN 2023

BASQUE COUNTRY – We double wind power generation in the region through Aixeindar

  • The public-private company created together with the EVE obtains the environmental green light (EIS) for two of its three wind power projects, which are the first to launched in the BAC since 2006. In addition, Aixeindar plans to build Laminoria, the first mixed wind and photovoltaic facility in the Basque Country.  
  • These are the Labraza and Azaceta wind farms, located in Álava. The three projects will have an installed capacity of 160 megawatts (MW) with an investment of 169 million euros and will reactivate the local economy and employment, as they will involve up to 470 professionals.


Aixeindar, a company set up in 2019 by Ente Vasco de la Energía (40%) and Iberdrola (60%), is making good progress in the processing of its three wind farms in the Basque Country. 

The Labraza and Azazeta wind farms have obtained the environmental green light through their positive EISs (Environmental Impact Statements). The renewable facilities, each with a capacity of 40 MW, are the first wind farms generating 100% green energy to be commissioned in the Basque Country since 2006.

First mixed wind and photovoltaic installation

In addition, Aixeindar plans to build the first mixed wind and photovoltaic facility in the Basque Country, Laminoria, in the Real Valle de Lamiroria/ Laminoriako Erret Harana, which is awaiting its corresponding EIS. This project consists of a 40 MW wind farm and a 40 MW photovoltaic plant. Laminoria also includes the regeneration of the quarry, which highlights Aixeindar's commitment to the circular economy. Its processing is managed by the Basque Government. 

All three wind projects have resolved the connection of the evacuation line to existing substations, which will help to minimise the environmental impact.

Located in Araba, Labraza (Oion) and Azaceta (Arraia, Maeztu and Bernedo), they will add to the wind power capacity currently installed in the Basque Country, which is 153 MW, distributed in five wind farms.  

Aixeindar is an example of public-private collaboration and highlights the commitment of both partners to energy transition and renewable energies. 

The projects planned in the Basque Country will involve more than 470 professionals during peak periods, contributing to the reactivation of the local economy and employment. Once operational, the projects will generate clean energy for a population equivalent of more than 107,000 homes and will avoid the emission of more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2/year into the atmosphere.

Aixeindar continues to work to incorporate proposals of a social nature for the municipalities and citizens near the wind farm projects it is promoting. Among other options, it is considering the creation of energy communities, which would make it possible to reduce the price of energy, and crowdfunding -micro-financing- through the participation of citizens as project partners, in a formula of 'wind cooperativism'.

The three renewable projects take into account different and innovative bird protection measures such as painting of blades to deter birds, video surveillance systems, hacking techniques, reintroduction of protected species and the use of artificial intelligence through radars and cameras that would allow the detection, positioning and identification of bird species with the possibility of selective stops of the wind turbine blades.

The development of these renewable projects represents the first actions of the company Aixeindar, set up by Iberdrola and the Basque Energy Board (EVE) to promote new renewable projects in the Basque Country. 

Aixeindar is aligned with the objectives, among others, of the Basque Country Energy Strategy 2030 with the aim of strengthening the commitment to renewables and responding to the commitments established in the Paris Agreement.