02 MAR 2023

We launch a solar self-consumption campaign to promote energy and economic savings in homes.

  • The company has made the solar self-consumption solution available to any type of home.

    Iberdrola, which was the first energy company to offer self-consumption solutions, leads this market in Spain and manages 40% of the installations


Iberdrola has launched a new campaign to promote photovoltaic self-consumption in Spanish homes. Under the slogan "En mi piso, claro que puedes!", the company wants to publicize the solutions available for each type of home.

The company, a pioneer in offering self-consumption for customers with single-family homes, has adapted to different needs to make solar self-consumption available to all its customers. This modality can lead to savings of up to 70 % on the electricity bill.

Iberdrola's integral Smart Solar solution offers a turnkey installation without the need for an initial investment. In addition, it allows to monitor the operation of the installation and its consumption through a mobile application. Smart Solar customers can also benefit from the energy they do not consume, as well as from the various subsidies and grants available.

Currently, in Spain more than two thirds of the population lives in high-rise buildings, which is why the energy company offers collective self-consumption solutions that include the possibility of ceding the roof space to Iberdrola to assume the installation of the photovoltaic system, facilitating access to the green energy generated to people living in the vicinity.

As for the possibility of compensating the energy discharged to the grid, Iberdrola's customers do not have any type of ground for its valuation, so that their bill can be as low as zero euros.


The company currently leads the photovoltaic self-consumption market in Spain, managing 40 % of the country's self-consumption customers.

In 2015, the company became the first company in its sector to integrate self-consumption solutions into its service offering. Iberdrola maintains its commitment to continue being a driver in the coming years of this technology that, in addition to reducing the energy bill, protects from potential variations in energy prices, enables its use even at night (with the installation of a battery storage system) and allows the generation of energy free of CO2 emissions.

In this sense, the company aims to maintain its current leadership share in this market in the coming years, in which it expects to surpass even the high penetration scenario described in the Spanish Government's Self-consumption Roadmap, and to reach 14,000 MW of installed self-consumption by 2030.

The development of smart solutions is one of the strategic lines of the Iberdrola group, which offers services such as energy storage, heat pumps and electric mobility, in addition to self-consumption.