29 MAR 2023

Nearly 300 students from Zamora, 'excel' in awareness of climate change

  • Iberdrola and the Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation have presented the conclusions of the environmental education program “Change is in your hands”, which has been developed in then schools in the province.
  • Throughout the course, students have adressed the transition to a greener energy model and the modification of consumption habits that can help to decarbonise the planete and reduce CO2 emissions. 


Nearly 300 young people from the province of Zamora have participated actively and with outstanding involvement in the environmental education programme Change is in your hands, promoted by Iberdrola and the Rei Afonso Heriques Foundation - Frah -, raising awareness among secondary school students that the fight against climate change is the most important challenge we face.

Both entities have tried to raise climate awareness among students in Zamora through this initiative, which has combined study and educational and recreational activities on the risks of climate change, the importance of the water cycle and its use for clean energy, recycling and sustainable mobility. 

Change is in your hands has addressed the transition to a greener energy model and the modification of consumption habits that can help decarbonise the planetEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.  and reduce CO2 emissions.

"It has been a few weeks full of learning and enthusiasm within the framework of Iberdrola's commitment to Zamora's society. We aim to alert young people to the causes, impacts and consequences of climate change, to understand the vulnerability of nature to human pressure and to understand the role of energy and mobility as a solution to this global challenge. We also aim to promote responsible and efficient consumption of resources," said Miguel Calvo, Iberdrola's delegate in Castilla y León.

"We wanted to involve and train young people from Zamora in clean energy, the carbon footprint and the European green pact, through different conferences and activities, as well as an educational challenge," said José Luis Gonzalez Prada, director of the Rei Afonso Heriques Foundation.

In addition, the Santísima Trinidad School in the capital of Zamora, the 'León Felipe' Rural Grouped School in Tábara and the Valverde de Lucerna Secondary School in Sanabria have been recognised this morning as the winners of the #challengueeducaclima Challenge.Enlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva. 

The professionals of the future

Today the Iberdrola group remains at the forefront of the green revolution facing the world's leading economies. It does so with a clear motivation: 'For you. For the planet'. A motto that is the backbone of the energy company's day-to-day activity towards more sustainable models.

The company's business model, after anticipating the energy transition by 20 years, positions it as a key driving force in the transformation of the industrial fabric, promoting, with its experience, social responsibility and financial capacity, a long-term sustainable economic growth model capable of meeting the current challenges of society.

Likewise, as part of its commitment to the territories in which it operates, it supports the training and transmission of knowledge, which contributes to promoting a generation of professionals with the highest capacities to face the challenges of the future, including the development of a sustainable energy model.