08 MAY 2023

We created a new business division for Operation and Maintenance in Extremadura and strengthened our activity in the region

  • The region spearheads the company's goal of accelerating the deployment of renewable energy and achieving decarbonisation.
  • Iberdrola's economic impact in Extremadura was more than 700 million euros in 2022


Iberdrola intensifies its commitment to Extremadura and creates a new business division for Operation and Maintenance in the region. The magnitude of the company's projects in the region will entail the investment of more than 500 million euros in renewables in the coming years.

The energy company has appointed Helga García-Monge González from Extremadura to head the new division, which will be located in Cáceres. The management team will also include three area managers, also from Extremadura: Ricardo Martín Muñoz, Manuel Jesús García Mateos and Alberto Peinado Monereo

The community is spearheading the company's goal of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and accelerating the deployment of renewable energies in Spain and achieving decarbonisation. 

Proof of this is that more than 30% of the power installed in the country during the period 2020-2025 will be deployed in Extremadura, which corresponds to more than 2,800 MW and will involve an investment of more than 1,700 million euros and the generation of approximately 7,400 jobs.

The region currently has more than 5,200 MW installed, 4,100 of which are renewable, of which 2,000 MW correspond to the 12 solar plants in operation in the region. 

The greatest advances are being made in photovoltaic solar energy.  Thus, the commercial operation of the Majada Alta (50 MW) and San Antonio (50 MW) plants has already begun in Cáceres, a province where the Almaraz 1 photovoltaic plant (50 MW) has already started production and where work continues on the start-up of Almaraz 2 (30 MW) and work has begun on the Cedillo photovoltaic plant, which will total 375 MW

In Cedillo, Iberdrola is also installing the first solar community for an entire village, which will enable the entire municipality to reduce its electricity bill by between 30% and 50%, while at the same time contributing to the development of this town and tackling depopulation.

The community is also of particular importance to the company in its development of hydroelectric power. Its eight hydroelectric plants have an installed capacity of more than 2,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy, while the batteries installed contribute 3 MW.

Iberdrola is identifying solutions in its renewable projects that enhance the coexistence of its facilities with activities related to agriculture, livestock or horticulture, so as to improve efficiency and competitiveness, the use of the land and the protection of biodiversity.

More than 700 million in 2022

Iberdrola's economic impact in Extremadura was more than 700 million euros in 2022 , adding investments, salaries, tax contribution and payments to suppliers.

The company made purchases from a total of 110 suppliers in the region worth 55 million euros, including companies such as Faramax, Trabajos Forestales y de Jardineria, Seycex, Incalexa and Computer Global

In this way, Iberdrola contributes to the structuring of the region and the creation of industrial and innovation opportunities in a growing market with a high export component. These collaborations represent an opportunity to develop the value chain in Extremadura and to position Spanish industry as an international benchmark.