17 MAY 2023

We train the Civil Guard in Ávila to act in situations of risk in electrical installations

  • In coordination with the government sub-delegation in the province and with the aim of making the Civil Guard aware of a risk that is invisible to the untrained eye

Iberdrola, in coordination with the Government sub-delegation in Ávila, has given the Civil Guard a technical seminar on the risks and prevention measures for the work that its members may have to carry out in the event of an emergency, incident or theft in electrical installations or in their vicinity.

During the day, which was attended by 40 members of the Civil Guard of the province, they were instructed as to how to identify an electrical installation, its topology, basic concepts of electricity, the effects of electrical current on the human body, risks and prevention when working in electrical installations and possible actions in or around them. 

This training, organised by Seguridad Corporativa and i-DE, Iberdrola's distributor, was inaugurated by the Government sub-delegate in Ávila, Fernando Galeano; the head of i-DE, Iberdrola's distributor in Ávila, Zamora and Salamanca, Elsa García; the commander of the Guardia Civil, Juan Antonio Gallego Sastre, and the Territorial Security Manager for Spain, Laureano Arias.

With this type of initiative, Iberdrola's distribution company once again demonstrates its commitment to training, prevention and the responsibilities that derive from it, with the ultimate aim of making the Civil Guard aware of a risk that is invisible to the untrained eye.

Clean energy for a healthy planet

i-DE is immersed in a process of digitalisation of the electricity distribution network that will allow more information to establish criteria for energy efficiency and sustainability, in a way that is committed to ambitious and urgent climate action. 

The deployment of the smart grid will make it possible to incorporate the 'neural trace' of the grid to offer a better service to citizens. In addition to Iberdrola's commitment to the decarbonisation of the economy and its substantial investments in innovation and renewable technologies, its climate action plan seeks to actively foster a culture that promotes the efficient and responsible use of energy and to promote climate awareness in the broadest sense.

In Castile and León, i-DE manages more than 43,810 km of low and medium voltage lines and more than 6,410 km of high and very high voltage lines. It also has 15,697 transformation centres in service and 246 substations. The company maintains a level of service quality in the region above the national average, with the best year-end value in history.