26 JUN 2023

More than 160 charging points for electric trucks will be installed in Spain

  • The two companies expand their agreement to electrify road freight transport to all 15 bases of the logistics company.
  • They will be equipped with MCS equipment (1.2 MW of power) that will allow charging in less than 45 minutes, similar to the mandatory rest stops. 
  • The charging stations will be for public use, so they will serve Disfrimur as well as other heavy and light vehicles.


Iberdrola España and Disfrimur have signed an agreement for the installation of more than 160 charging points for electric trucks in the logistics bases that the transport company has located in the country.

Both companies are extending their alliance for the electrification of heavy transport and are committed to the development of charging infrastructure for the 15 bases that Disfrimur has deployed in Spain. In this way, to the locations of Sangonera la Seca (Region of Murcia) and San Isidro (Alicante), which already have the first chargers in operation, are added those of Ribarroja and Sagunto (Valencia), Plaza (Zaragoza), Ciempozuelos and Mercamadrid (Madrid), Guadix (Granada), Antequera (Málaga), Seville, Villadangos del Páramo (León), Abrera and San Sadurní (Barcelona), Albacete and Vitoria.

It should be noted that the charging points will be for public use and will be accessible 24 hours a day so that, in addition to supplying energy to the logistics company's vehicles, they will also be available for heavy and light vehicles of other companies and for private individuals.

In a first phase, 200 and 400 kilowatt (kW) chargers will be installed, and in a later phase, 1,200 kW MCS (Megawatt Charging System) chargers will be added, which will enable the batteries of the electric trucks to be charged in less than 45 minutes, a time similar to the mandatory rest stop.

This is an innovative charging infrastructure that Iberdrola España and Ingeteam, a national company specialising in power electronics, are jointly developing for the manufacture in Spain of the first commercial charger of these characteristics, which will require very high voltage connections in the distribution network to allow such high charging speeds, essential for the electrification of freight transport.

The agreement was signed by Juan Sánchez, general manager of Disfrimur, and Luis Buil, director of Smart Solutions at Iberdrola España, who highlighted Iberdrola España's firm commitment to the decarbonisation of heavy transport "translated into significant investments in charging infrastructure, essential to materialise the electrification of this sector which, in addition to allowing emission-free transport, represents an economic opportunity for society as a whole".

Juan Sánchez said that this is a special day for Disfrimur in its roadmap towards invisible transport: "Today we are taking another very important step with Iberdrola España towards the decarbonisation of road transport, which is one of our challenges. When we put the entire charging infrastructure in place, we will be able to use an electric truck to cross Spain from north to south and east to west in the same time as its diesel version. And with electrification, we now operate with three types of fuel and we want to continue offering our customers efficient, safe, quality and increasingly sustainable transport".

Users of these facilities will charge the battery of their electric vehicles with 100% green energy, from renewable generation sources, with a guarantee of origin certificate (GdOs) and the charging points will be located in the Iberdrola Public Charging App, from which the charger can be geolocated, its operation checked in real time and booked and paid for from the mobile phone.

Boosting decarbonisation

Iberdrola España is aware of the need to promote electromobility in Spain through coordinated and effective action with the main agents involved. In this regard, the company has already completed more than 60 infrastructure deployment agreements with administrations, institutions, companies, service stations, dealers and electric vehicle manufacturers.

The company offers itself as a strategic partner to corporations and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. The group covers the entire lifecycle of the decarbonisation process to enable its commercial and industrial customers to meet their environmental objectives and to be drivers and key players in the energy transition.

A commitment to invisible transport

Disfrimur is a private, Spanish, family-owned company dedicated to transport and logistics, which has its own fleet equipped with the most innovative technology and which circulates throughout Spain, transporting all types of goods related to food and consumer goods. Disfrimur continues on its way to reach its goal, which is to become a company that is invisible to the environment, measuring to reduce and, finally, to compensate.