31 OCT 2023

Iberdrola España extends its Renove Plan for the changeover from oil to aerothermal boilers to neighbouring communities

  • The energy company facilitates the transition with a discount of €10,000 for centralised boilers and €1,000 per home for individual boilers. In addition, it is extending the deadline for the promotion until 31 December

  • The plan includes the management of public subsidies at no cost, which added to the help of the energy company allows the renovation with up to 50% discount


In view of the good reception of the renovation plan for individual oil boilers launched at the end of September, and in response to requests from customers to extend it to neighbourhood communities, Iberdrola España is reinforcing its commitment to the energy transition and will also include community gas-oil boilers in its Renove programme.

The company facilitates the renovation with a discount of €10,000 until 31 December. In addition, it manages the application for public subsidies from the National Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience, which can exceed €6,000 per home, including direct and indirect aid, free of charge.

In Spain there are still around 10,000 buildings with communal oil boilers. These communities are currently facing a legislative framework that tends to limit the use of fossil fuels and an unfavourable price framework.

Various European programmes advocate accelerating their transition to renewable energies, mainly through aerothermal energy. With this initiative, Iberdrola España is making it easier for communities to make this change with a total saving of up to 50% of the initial investment.  In this way, the company is taking another step forward in its goal of achieving the transition to an emission-free economy.

Aerothermal energy, as opposed to oil boilers, being a renewable energy source, avoids combustion and its associated emissions, while at the same time achieving energy savings of up to 70% in heating energy in the case of underfloor heating and up to 40% in the case of radiators. In addition, this technology is safer as it eliminates the need for storage and fuel dependency. In the particular case of communities, by dispensing with storage, additional communal space can be created.