21 NOV 2023

Iberdrola España and Iberdoex to develop more than 60 ultra-fast charging points in Extremadura

  • The chargers, which will be located at Iberdoex service stations, will be available on Iberdrola España's public charging application.
  • The companies sign an agreement to boost sustainable mobility in the region and promote the energy transition.

Iberdrola España and the leading fuel distribution chain in Extremadura, Iberdoex, have signed an agreement to install a network of more than 60 charging points for electric vehicles. The alliance aims to boost sustainable mobility in rural areas and promote the energy transition.

The chargers, which will have a power of up to 180 kW and will allow two vehicles to be recharged simultaneously, will be installed at Iberdoex service stations throughout Extremadura. 

Iberdoex will thus become the largest network of free service stations in Extremadura offering an accessible, fast and safe charging service for electric vehicles, which will complement the existing network in the region.

The new charging stations will be available to all users on Iberdrola España's Public Charging App, the largest in Spain with 5,600 charging points in operation. The Smart Mobility app allows users to geolocate the charger, check its availability in real time, reserve its use and pay directly from their mobile phone, whether or not they are customers of the electricity company.

"This agreement is a clear commitment by Iberdrola España to promote electric mobility in rural areas throughout the country, providing, in this case, an ultra-fast charging network throughout the region of Extremadura, which we believe will be of great interest to Extremadura residents and visitors" said Borja Cañas Rodríguez-Rubio, Iberdrola España Customers Regional Delegate in Extremadura and Andalusia. 

For his part, Iberdoex President Lorenzo Florencio Cuenda said: "This agreement is an example of the commitment we have made to the region. The alliance of both companies makes us a benchmark in sustainable mobility in Extremadura, allowing us to expand the portfolio of services that we currently offer to all our customers"

Commitment to sustainable mobility

Iberdrola España has 5,600 charging points in Spain and strengthens its position as the most extensive public charging network in the country, after adding more than 200 chargers per month during 2023. To this figure should be added 3,000 more points under construction and an additional 2,000 awaiting administrative procedures.  In addition, the development of the company's mobility network also extends to the private sector with more than 26,000 points installed, including companies, homes and individuals. 

The energy company's sustainable mobility plan envisages the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles on the country's main motorways and corridors, as well as in public access areas in cities and small towns in Spain, with the aim of setting up at least one fast charging station every 50 km or less, which will allow travel throughout the country in complete safety and autonomy.

In order to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles, the company's strategy, with more than 50 charging infrastructure deployment agreements, includes collaboration with the main agents involved in mobility, from administrations to institutions, companies, service stations, dealers and electric vehicle manufacturers.