23 JAN 2022

Iberdrola presents Caroline Graham with the award for Best Player of the Supercopa Final

  • Ángeles Santamaría, CEO of Iberdrola in Spain, presents Caroline Graham, player of FC Barcelona, with the distinction of Best Iberdrola Player of the Final.

Ángeles Santamaría, CEO of Iberdrola in Spain, presented Caroline Graham, FC Barcelona player and scorer of three goals, with the distinction of Best Iberdrola Player, which recognizes the most outstanding player in the final of the Spanish Women's Super Cup 2022. In the match, played at 12:00h. in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas (Madrid), which has been broadcast live on TVE and where FC Barcelona won with a score of 7-0.

"It was a good game from the team, we came out very strong and we were able to control the whole match. When we play well, it's easy to be good individually," explained Graham on the pitch at the end of the match, which gave the Blaugrana their first title of the season.

Iberdrola reinforced its commitment to women's soccer in the 2020/21 season, through its support of all competitions in the sport for the next five seasons, until 2024-25. In this way, it gives its name to the top national competition, Primera Iberdrola, and to the second division, called Reto Iberdrola. It also promotes the Copa de SM la Reina and the Supercopa de España.

Iberdrola was the first company to make a global commitment to promoting the participation of women in sports as a way to promote equal opportunities. Currently, the company directly supports 16 federations and gives its name to 22 top-level leagues.

Iberdrola's support for sports practiced by women

For more than five years, Iberdrola has been supporting sports played by women, with the conviction that through sports it is possible to raise awareness and work on the need to promote a society with equal opportunities.

The company supports 16 federations (gymnastics, triathlon, rugby, canoeing, badminton, soccer, handball, volleyball, field hockey, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing, ice sports and fencing), gives its name to 22 national leagues in different disciplines and benefits more than 300,000 athletes in Spain.

With this commitment, Iberdrola contributes to the success of women's sports, promotes equal opportunities and encourages healthy habits in society from an early age. The most ambitious challenge is to introduce women's sports into homes and contribute to increasing the visibility of women who practice sports and their achievements, as well as fostering the creation of new references in society.

Its actions are contributing to an increase in the level of competition and are allowing many Spanish elite sportswomen, who have developed their sporting careers in other countries, to return to competitions in Spain or Spanish sportswomen to compete in prestigious international leagues.