29 JUN 2022

Evarm vehicles will be able to refuel green hydrogen at the Iberdrola facility in Barcelona

  • Evarm, a Catalan firm specialising in the conversion of professional vehicles to alternative fuels, is the first private company to make use of the hydrogen plant
  • The two companies have signed an agreement to supply the Zona Franca plant which, in addition to servicing the TMB fleet, is open to other customers

Iberdrola has signed a collaboration agreement with Evarm, the Catalan engineering company specialising in converting professional vehicles to alternative fuels, whereby its vehicles will be able to refuel at the hydrogen plant that the company has set up in Barcelona's Zona Franca.

Evarm thus becomes the first private customer to make use of the renewable fuel generated by Iberdrola in Barcelona, which represents an important step forward in the development of the use of green hydrogen for more sustainable mobility.

This is the first commercial plant for the production and dispensing of green hydrogen for public use in Spain that Iberdrola has built in less than a year to serve the specific fleet of TMB buses and which is designed to have sufficient capacity to be able to serve other customers.

The collaboration with the Catalan engineering company is the first step in the opening of the hydrogen plant so that the rest of the fleets and industries in the Zona Franca can adopt this renewable vector as an energy solution and generate a tractor effect on everything related to this technology.

It is worth noting that green hydrogen is one of the most efficient solutions to help the most polluting industrial sectors, where electrification is not possible, to transform their processes and become more sustainable.

In its commitment to leading the energy transition, Iberdrola is spearheading the development of green hydrogen with more than 60 projects to respond to the electrification and decarbonisation needs of sectors such as industry and heavy transport. It is thus at the forefront of the new technological challenge posed by the production and supply of hydrogen from 100% renewable energy sources in the electrolysis process.

The company is the first to make green hydrogen a reality and, in addition to the Barcelona facility, has already inaugurated in Puertollano the largest green hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe using 100% renewable electricity in the electrolysis process for the production of ammonia and green fertilisers at the Fertiberia plant in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), thus consolidating Iberdrola as a benchmark company in the application of this sustainable technology.