Iberdrola's distribution company offers a level of service quality 20% above the national average.

31 MAR 2023

We offer our customers the best quality of supply in the Spanish electricity sector

  • Thanks to the investments made by the company, the quality of supply has improved by 15 % in the last three years.
  • The distributor manages to restore power supply to 70 % of its customers in extraordinary events in less than 30 minutes


i-DE, Iberdrola's distribution company, offers its customers a level of service quality 20% above the average for the Spanish electricity sector. In the last three years, the company has managed to improve the quality of the electricity supply it offers its customers by 15 %. 

The index that measures this service - Interruption Time Equivalent to Installed Capacity (TIEPI) - accumulated to date is below 45 minutes. This is the best year-end value in the company's history.

These figures are the result of i-DE's investments in new electrical infrastructures and the maintenance and renewal of existing ones, as well as its ambitious digitalisation plan.

In recent years, the company has undertaken an ambitious plan to digitalise its electricity grids, converting its more than 11 million meters and the infrastructure that supports them into smart meters, incorporating remote management, supervision and automation capabilities.

Iberdrola's distribution company will continue to promote its electricity grid infrastructures, which are key to ensuring the transition to a carbon-free economy, and despite already offering its customers the best quality in the system, it has set a target of improving its supply quality by 10 % by 2025. This improvement in quality will also have a positive impact on the affordability of electricity supply for customers and will enable further service improvements.

Emergency situations

The deployment of resources to restore service and minimise the impact on customers is a priority for the company. For this reason, and taking advantage of the synergies created around the automation and digitalisation of the grid, in 2022, it managed to restore electricity supply to 70% of its customers in less than 30 minutes in the event of extraordinary events.

In the last three years i-DE has also managed to improve its emergency response capacity. If with the storm Gloria in 2020, it managed to restore supply to 66% of its customers in less than 30 minutes, with Filomena External link, opens in new window. in 2021, it managed to raise the figure to 69%, increasing it to 75% with Fein in 2022. 

Outside Spain, by the end of 2022, all the countries in which the company is present had improved their supply quality levels compared to 2021. It has also stood out for its performance in emergency situations in the face of extreme weather events. 

This has been demonstrated in 2022 during the torrential rains that hit north-eastern Brazil in July, the Elliott storm in the United States where Avangrid managed to restore service to customers in the state of Connecticut in less than 24 hours, or in the worst succession of storms in the United Kingdom in February, where the company's rapid response enabled it to mobilise all the necessary personnel to restore electricity supply to 100% of the 42,000 customers affected in 24 hours.

Commitment to sustainability

Smart grids are the backbone of the new energy model and the path to the transition towards a green economy, allowing for greater integration of renewables, the development of sustainable mobility, smart cities and decentralised consumption (self-consumption) and a consumer with greater decision-making capacity and connectivity.

In addition, thanks to the digitalisation of the grid, customers can know in real time, among other data, their consumption curves, as well as the maximum power demand or the way in which electricity consumption is distributed, which gives them greater decision-making capacity by allowing them to choose the tariff that best suits their circumstances, and to make more efficient and responsible use of energy. 

Aware that electricity infrastructures are key to ensuring the transition to a carbon-free economy, i-DE will digitalise more than 80% of its transmission and distribution networks by 2025.

To address its ambitious goals, the company uses innovation as a fundamental pillar. In 2021, it inaugurated the Global Smart Grids Innovation HubExternal link, opens in new window. , a pioneering grid innovation centre which, with the participation of more than 90 technology companies, works closely with universities and associations to create a collaborative environment for all and involve the professionals of the future.

In Spain, i-DE manages more than 260,000 km of power lines. It also has more than 97,000 transformation centres in service and more than 1,000 substations to offer the best service to its more than 11 million customers.