03 APR 2023

We inaugurate our first ultra-fast charging station for electric vehicles in Catalonia

  • The facility, located in La Panadella (Montmaneu, Barcelona) hast two 350 kilowatt chargers and six 180 kW chargers, capable of recharging the batteris of eight vehicles simultaneously. 
  • The company plans to promote electric mobility by setting up 14 ultra-fast charging stations in Catalonia, which will enable it to expand its charging network


Iberdrola has inaugurated its first ultra-fast charging station for electric vehicles in Catalonia. Located in a strategic location on the A-2 motorway, at the Hotel Restaurant Parada, halfway between Barcelona and Lleida, the new facility puts this historic town back on the map.

The infrastructure, which is part of the collaboration agreement with PorscheExternal link, opens in new window. , has a total of two 350 kW chargers and six 180 kW chargers, with the possibility of charging up to eight vehicles simultaneously and with the capacity to recharge the battery of an electric car in just over five minutes, according to the technical specifications of the vehicle. 

The presentation ceremony was attended by the Director General of Energy of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Assumpta Farran, and the Mayor of Montmaneu, Àngel Farré, who were accompanied by Andrés Carasso, Iberdrola's delegate in Catalonia, who explained how it works.

For Assumpta, the deployment of high-power charging infrastructure in high-capacity road networks "is essential to accelerate the penetration of electric vehicles. In 2016, the Government of Catalonia approved the PIRVEC plan (Plan for the implementation of public charging for electric vehicles), which has enabled a reliable and interoperable fast charging network to be set up between municipalities. Today, we are taking another big step, and we are doing so in an emblematic location, halfway between Lleida and Barcelona, at the former site of the Panadella petrol station, a meeting point for diesel and petrol cars for many years and where we are now putting into service the first major electric charging hub. The electric car is a reality. In the European Union, 17% of new cars sold are electric and Catalonia cannot be left behind because moving around in an electric car means moving around with indigenous renewable energy, moving around without smoke, moving around efficiently and, without a doubt, a clear commitment to the electric car is a commitment to the reindustrialisation of Catalonia".

Àngel Farré stressed the importance of setting up these recharging points for the rest areas, "because they will be very important for La Panadella to once again become a benchmark in Catalonia in terms of mobility. From the City Council we will continue working and supporting this type of infrastructure and supporting companies in their development".

For his part, Andrés Carasso stressed that this type of ultra-fast charging facilities, of which the company plans to build 14 in Catalonia, "are going to be very important for the development of electric mobility, where we already have more than 270 charging stations and we are in the process of building and activating another 600 in the coming months, as Iberdrola's commitment to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology in ultra-fast charging chargers make possible a simple and fast charging experience, which provides solutions demanded by electric vehicle users".

Ultra-fast recharging stations development plan

Iberdrola, a world leader in renewable energies, has partnered with Porsche, a leader in technology and innovation, to install a total of 35 ultra-fast charging stations in Spain with the most powerful chargers on the market. This collaboration also includes the installation of innovative charging points at strategic nodes, with more than 300 kW of unitary power, associated with battery storage systems that increase the efficiency of the facilities.

In addition to this alliance, the company continues with its electric mobility expansion plan, which will allow it to install ultra-fast charging stations in strategic areas in the coming years, as well as to continue with the deployment of lower power facilities. These ultra-fast charging stations join Iberdrola's network of charging infrastructure, which already has more than 3,500 public charging points in operation nationwide.

It should be noted that users of these facilities will recharge the battery of their electric cars with 100% green energy, from renewable generation sources, with a guarantee of origin certificate (GdOs) and the charging points will be located in the Iberdrola Public Charging App, from which you can geolocate the charger, check its operation in real time and book and pay from your mobile phone.

Electric mobility and green recovery

Iberdrola is rolling out a sustainable mobility plan,External link, opens in new window.  with which it will intensify the deployment of charging points for electric vehicles in the coming years. The initiative envisages the installation of charging points in homes and businesses, as well as on urban roads, in cities and on major highways in the coming years. The commitment to the deployment of charging stations will take the form of ultra-fast (over 350 kW), super-fast (over 100 kW) and fast (50 kW) stations. 

Iberdrola is aware of the need to promote electromobility in Spain External link, opens in new window. through coordinated and effective action with the main agents involved. In this regard, the company has already completed more than 60 infrastructure deployment agreements with administrations, institutions, companies, service stations, dealers and electric vehicle manufacturers.