12 APR 2023

We bring our wind energy facilities closer to vocational training students at the Peñascal centre in Bilbao

  • The aim of this initiative is to promote and raise awareness of the company's activity among future professionals in the sector, as well as to encourage talent and vocations Steam
  • The Oiz wind farm in Bizkaia has been chosen for students of Electricity and Renewable Energies to receive a masterclass on renewable energy through wind farms.    


Around 25 students from the Peñascal secondary school in Bilbao studying vocational training in Electricity and Renewable Energies visited the Oiz wind farm External link, opens in new window. in Bizkaia. The aim of this initiative was to promote and raise awareness of the company's activity among future professionals in the renewable energy sector. 

During the visit, which is part of Iberdrola's commitment to the energy transition and to fostering Talent and Steam vocationsExternal link, opens in new window. , the students received a masterclass given by the Zone Manager - Northern Zone - of Onshore (onshore wind), Javier Martínez de Ilarduya, who explained the operation of the different equipment and components of wind turbines, auxiliary services, control, as well as all aspects related to the maintenance and environment of a wind farm. Martínez de Ilarduya was accompanied by the officers of the Oiz wind farm and the foreman, together with an officer who has recently completed her vocational training and joined Iberdrola's team of officers in the Basque Country. The students have also been able to resolve their doubts about the installation itself. 

The initiative came from Iberdrola's Talent Attraction and Selection team with the collaboration of Iberdrola Renovables.

The Oiz wind farm, located in Bizkaia, was the first renewable energy project in this territory, promoted together with the Basque Energy Agency in 2003, and the third wind farm in the Basque Country.

The Basque Country doubles its wind power generation thanks to Iberdrola 

Iberdrola and the Ente Vasco de la Energía, through the public-private company Aixeindar, plan to double wind power generation with three new PPEE (wind farms) in the Basque Country. The first in 20 years. These are the Labraza and Azazeta wind farms, which have already obtained the environmental green light through their positive EISs (Environmental Impact Statements). The renewable facilities, each with a capacity of 40 MW, are the first wind farms generating 100% green energy to be commissioned in the Basque Country since 2006.

In addition, Aixeindar plans to build the first mixed wind and photovoltaic facility in the Basque Country, Laminoria, in the Real Valle de Lamiroria/ Laminoriako Erret Harana, which is awaiting its corresponding EIS. This project consists of a 40 MW wind farm and a 40 MW photovoltaic plant. Laminoria also includes the regeneration of the quarry, which highlights Aixeindar's commitment to the circular economy. Its processing is managed by the Basque Government. 

Located in Araba, Labraza (Oion) and Azaceta (Arraia, Maeztu and Bernedo), they will add to the wind power capacity currently installed in the Basque Country, which is 153 MW, distributed in five wind farms.  

Aixeindar is an example of public-private collaboration and highlights the commitment of both partners to energy transition and renewable energies. 

The projects planned in the Basque Country will involve more than 470 professionals during peak periods, contributing to the reactivation of the local economy and employment. Once operational, the projects will generate clean energy for a population equivalent of more than 107,000 homes and will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2/year.