02 MAY 2023

The Sustainable Development Foundation (FDS) and i-DE are promoting the decarbonisation of the energy model in the Region

  • The distribution company of the Iberdrola group and FDS will work together to
    contribute to the energy transition through their expertise.
  • The partnership aims to give citizens and small businesses with which FDS
    establishes contacts greater access to information on the electricity grid
    managed by i-DE.

The Sustainable Development Foundation and i-DE, the distribution company of the
Iberdrola group, have signed an agreement with the aim of developing and implementing
measures to support the energy transition in the Region of Murcia.


The president of the Sustainable Development Foundation, Emilio Ballester, and the area
manager of i-DE in the region, Guillermo Raga, have signed a collaboration agreement
between the two institutions to contribute to the electrification of the Community's economy
to enable the progressive decarbonisation of the different sectors.

For Emilio Ballester, it is essential to "raise and improve citizen information systems and the
management of their requests, as well as to commit ourselves to initiatives within the
framework of collaboration that allow for the extension of individual and shared self-
consumption and the implementation of energy communities in the Region of Murcia".

For his part, Guillermo Raga stresses that this agreement will allow the company "to make
even more progress in the transformation process in which the Region of Murcia is
immersed, maintaining i-DE's commitment to meet all the needs of our customers, and
highlighting the role of the distribution network as a facilitator of the energy transition".

The initiative will enable mutual advice and the joint implementation of actions to contribute
to the transition of the current energy model through energy efficiency, the electrification of
the most polluting sectors, the integration of renewable energies, the development of new
functionalities of the electricity distribution network and support for the dissemination of
information on energy saving and sustainable consumption.

A robust, flexible and digitalised electricity network

i-DE is currently immersed in a process of digitalisation of the electricity distribution
network, which will provide more information to establish energy efficiency and
sustainability criteria. i-DE's experience and knowledge in this area will contribute to the
successful development of the activities proposed as a result of the agreement.

The transformation of the grids into a robust, flexible and intelligent infrastructure makes it
possible to respond to the challenges of the electrification of the electricity system, with
greater integration of renewables, the development of sustainable mobility, smart cities and self-consumption, as well as giving consumers greater decision-making capacity and

In recent years, i-DE has undertaken an ambitious plan to digitalise its electricity grids in the
region, where it has converted its more than 900,000 meters and the infrastructure that
supports them into smart meters, incorporating remote management, supervision and
automation capabilities. In the region, i-DE manages approximately 30,000 km of low and
medium voltage lines and approximately 1,500 km of high and very high voltage lines. It
also has some 9,600 transformer stations in service and 69 transformer substations.

Sustainable Development Foundation

Since 2008, FDS has been working to promote the use of renewable energy, energy
efficiency and energy democracy. In recent years, it has focused its efforts on the energy
empowerment of citizens.

In recognition of its relevant contribution to the decarbonisation of the economy in Spain,
this NGO from Murcia was distinguished by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the
Demographic Challenge with an Honourable Mention of the National Energy Award 2021.
Likewise, in 2022 it received the Energy Globe Spain Award in the youth category for its
"Ahorra con Energía" (Save with Energy) initiative, a project that was also considered by the jury of the World Energy Awards as one of the three best initiatives worldwide in the
field of youth and energy in 2022.

Putting ingenuity at the service of common sense, FDS has been working on issues related
to climate change since its inception, focusing on simple, accessible language that
everyone can understand, which mobilises and facilitates the transition to an energy model
that respects the well-being of citizens and the conservation of the environment.