20 JUN 2023

We start up the solar village of Cedillo in Extremadura

  • Local residents and merchants will be able to save the equivalent of 50% of their annual consumption on their bills.
  • The association created to house the energy community has just received the Iberdrola Convive Awards.

Iberdrola España has set up the first solar community in Spain for an entire village in the town of Cedillo in Cáceres, Spain. The small photovoltaic plants that the company has installed on the roofs of seven municipal buildings and on land provided by the City Council have a combined nominal power of 355 kW, and are already generating renewable energy. With this, local residents and businesses can now start saving on their bills. 

The company has distributed a communiqué to the neighbors and merchants adhered to the solar community, informing them of the start-up of the installation and that in the next few days they will receive the last bill with the consumption made before starting to benefit from the self-consumption, which will allow them from now on a saving equivalent to 50% of the annual consumption of the municipality. 

Iberdrola España organized a day with the neighbors last February to explain to them the meaning of an Energy Community and the benefits of belonging to it.  The first round of registration began that same day with 120 residents joining the community and ended on March 1, with 305 citizens joining the project in total.

With the creation of this first solar community for an entire village, Iberdrola aims to contribute to the development of this town of 450 inhabitants and to tackle depopulation by attracting new residents to the municipality. Thus, new residents will be able to benefit from this measure for the next five years. Likewise, neighbors who have not yet registered will be able to join the community within a year.

The Pueblo Solar Cedillo, the association through which the energy community was created, recently received the Iberdrola Convive AwardsEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva. . The Iberdrola Convive Awards, with which the company seeks to recognize and give visibility to initiatives, alliances, companies, actions or local entities that exemplify the integration of renewable energies with socioeconomic development and nature in Spain.


The town of Cedillo is an example of the contribution of renewable energies to the sustainable development of rural areas. Socioeconomic development and biodiversity conservation are two key elements of Iberdrola's decarbonization strategy, demonstrating that clean and sustainable energy supply can and must coexist in harmony with people and nature.

The company has just obtained Administrative Construction Authorization for a new 375 MW photovoltaic plant in the town, which will join the 100 MW inaugurated last August. To distribute the energy produced by this plant and the almost 500 MW hydroelectric plant, also located in this municipality, the company has undertaken a complex solution that avoids installing new evacuation networks, which guarantees minimum environmental impact and integration into the environment.

Iberdrola España already has more than twenty renewable energy facilities in Extremadura, and the region is a key enclave for the development of solar energy.Enlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.  More than 30% of the power that the company will install in the country during the period 2020-2025 will be deployed in the community, which will mean more than 2,800 MW and an investment of more than 1,700 million euros. 

The region currently has more than 5,200 MW installed, 4,100 of which are renewable, of which 2,000 MW correspond to the 12 solar plants in operation in both Cáceres and Badajoz. Some of them are as emblematic for the company as Nuñez de BalboaEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.  or Francisco Pizarro.Enlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.