To convey the company's support ahead of the big sporting event of the World Cup

03 JUL 2023

The CEO of Iberdrola España, Mario Ruiz-Tagle, visits the Spanish women's soccer team together with Lydia Valentín and Desirée Vila

  • Mario Ruíz-Tagle, accompanied by Iberdrola Ambassadors Lydia Valentín and Desirée Vila, met with the national team to send them all their energy for the World Cup.
  • Mario Ruíz-Tagle: "We want to send you all our energy so that your dreams, which are our dreams, will be fulfilled in Australia".


Iberdrola España CEO Mario Ruiz-Tagle, accompanied by ambassadors Lydia Valentín and Desirée Vila, visited this morning the Spanish women's national football team, which is currently training at the Sustainable Football City in Las Rozas, preparing for the next World Cup to be held in Australia/New Zealand between 20 July and 20 August

"We want to send you all our energy so that your dreams, which are our dreams, will be fulfilled in Australia," was the message received by the 23 players called up by Jorge Vilda for the World Cup. “

During the meeting, Ruiz-Tagle highlighted the effort and professional dedication of the players and emphasized the values shared by the national team and the Spanish multinational: "teamwork, perseverance and self-improvement".

The CEO of Iberdrola España reminded us that football is a sport played as a team, all connected with a lot of energy, "which we have come to give you today. We want you to be proud and we want those who see you to feel the same".

Iberdrola España continues its commitment to women's football through the promotion of women's soccer competitions, such as the Copa de la Reina (Queen's Cup) and the Supercopa de España (Spanish Super Cup), as well as the Primera Federación Iberdrola. Iberdrola is also the main sponsor partner of the Women's National 11-a-side soccer, futsal and beach football teams.

In addition, it currently supports 32 national sports federations, a support that benefits 600,000 women athletes or, in other words, two out of every three federated women in Spain. It also gives its name to 32 leagues, all of them of the highest category, and to more than 100 competitions with naming right.

With this commitment, Iberdrola España contributes to boosting the success of women's sports, promotes equal opportunities and encourages healthy habits in society from an early age.

Their actions are contributing to an increase in the level of competition and are allowing many Spanish elite sportswomen, who have developed their sporting careers in other countries, to return to competitions in Spain, or Spanish sportswomen to compete in prestigious international leagues.