04 JUL 2023

Iberdrola España to collaborate with Primafrio in the electrification of transport and decarbonisation of its activity

  • The energy company will work on the installation of charging points for trucks at the bases where the Primafrio Group is present.
  • The agreement includes the possibility of green hydrogen production to offer a variety of emission-free energies for transport.
  • Energy audits will be carried out at logistics locations to find appropriate solutions for decarbonisation

Iberdrola España and Primafrio have signed a collaboration agreement to identify opportunities between the two companies to develop projects related to electromobility in the logistics sector and short and long-distance heavy transport, and the application of different technologies in their facilities to reduce the carbon footprint of their activity.

The main line of work open corresponds to the implementation of a smart charging infrastructure for heavy transport at Primafrio's logistics bases. To do this, the electricity company is going to carry out a feasibility study to develop these projects at its headquarters in Alhama de Murcia, and at the rest of the logistics operator's facilities.

In addition, a very high-power station is being planned in Alhama de Murcia to serve new generation electric trucks charging at over 1 MW (MCS), which will enable electric trucks to be charged in less than 45 minutes, and additionally high-power chargers of 400 kW.

Another aspect to be highlighted is the commitment to analyse and explore the construction of green hydrogen production plants External link, opens in new window. at Primafrio's own facilities. Projects will be made visible that allow the implementation and operation of one or several plants of this renewable energy vector in such a way that a variety of emission-free energies can be offered at the logistics bases.

For Luis Buil, Director of Smart Solutions at Iberdrola España, "having a transport giant like Primafrio is of great importance for Iberdrola España in its efforts to decarbonise heavy transport and the rest of the economy. The challenge we face will only be achievable by bringing together all the players, specifically for the road freight transport sector, we must have customers, logistics operators, manufacturers and infrastructure operators, electricity distributors and Public Administrations".

José Esteban Conesa, President of Primafrio, said that at Primafrio Group "we want to continue leading innovation and sustainability in the transport and logistics sector by actively working to reduce our environmental impact by offering solutions that promote the development of a circular economy, the use of alternative energy sources, decarbonisation and the neutralisation of our emissions. Therefore, moving forward steadily to achieve these goals hand in hand with Iberdrola España brings us ever closer to achieving net zero emissions by 2050".

The agreement between the two companies also refers to the different possibilities that Primafrio centres can have to reduce CO2 emissions, which include energy audits that can resolve in which situations and facilities it is convenient to install photovoltaic self-consumption systems, energy storage, installation of microgrids, replacement of lighting or any other solution that Iberdrola España can provide for the decarbonisation of the logistics company.

The possibility of installing solar photovoltaic plantsExternal link, opens in new window.  at Primafrio's bases will also be taken into account, as well as formulas for contracting electricity supply with renewable energy from new 100% emission-free generation facilities that Iberdrola España builds through long-term contracting formulas (PPAs).

Boosting decarbonisation

Iberdrola España, which has been leading the energy transition for two decades, acting as a key driving force in the transformation of the industrial fabric, the economy and employment, offers itself as a strategic ally to corporations and companies to help them reduce their carbon footprint. 

The company is also aware of the need to promote electromobilityExternal link, opens in new window.  in Spain through coordinated and effective action with the main agents involved, which is why it has already completed more than 60 infrastructure deployment agreements with administrations, institutions, companies, service stations, dealers and electric vehicle manufacturers.

Primafrio Information

Primafrio is the leading international logistics operator specialising in export services and the groupage of temperature-controlled fruit and vegetable products from the production areas in Spain and Portugal to more than 25 different destinations in Europe, with Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Iberian Peninsula as its main markets. It also offers transport solutions for pharmaceutical products and high-value products, such as technological devices, telecommunications, industry and cosmetics. It has a fleet of more than 2,700 vehicles operating in more than 45 logistics centres in Europe. The company is a global benchmark in technological innovation and its sustainability and ESG model and strategy is a pioneer in the sector.