With "Mad Cool", the new "Iberdrola Music" opens its doors in Madrid

05 JUL 2023

Europe's largest sustainable space for leisure and culture to be promoted by Iberdrola España

  • Leader in the energy transition, the Iberdrola Group, of which Iberdrola España is part, will electrify 100% with green energy this new space dedicated to music, culture and entertainment. 
  • The company is signing agreements for the decarbonization of major musical events also outside our borders.

From left to right: Daniel Martínez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid; Eduardo Petrossi, CEO of Mahou San Miguel; Marta Rivera de la Cruz, head of the Culture, Tourism and Sports Area of the Madrid City Council; Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Iberdrola España; and Rafael Coto, CEO of Mad Cool Events.

Under the name Iberdrola Music, the company will ensure that major music, cultural and entertainment festivals and events are held with minimal environmental impact thanks to the total electrification of the venue with renewable energy. Mad Cool Festival 2023 will kick off Iberdrola Music, a project promoted by the Madrid City Council in the district of Villaverde and the private management of Mad Cool Events.

With the intervention of Iberdrola España, the venue will become the largest sustainable space in Europe, an area of more than 185,000 m2 capable of accommodating 100,000 people, which will be fully electrified with green energy promoting sustainable leisure.


The Ibedrola Group has taken another step forward in its commitment to decarbonization in its global company strategy, hand in hand with young people, the main agents of change. It is signing agreements to make the main musical events in the countries where it is present sustainable so that they can also be protagonists against climate change during their leisure time.

Aligned with the company's social commitment,External link, opens in new window.  the space will also give an important socio-cultural boost to the area, attracting music, art and cultural talent, and standing out as an attraction for major national and international artists, who are increasingly aware of the need to minimize the environmental impact of their performances.

The presentation of the space took place tonight with the attendance of Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Iberdrola España, who highlighted "the energy of music" as an engine for change. "At Iberdrola we have been turning this message into reality for a long time through sport, culture and a universal language such as music," he said.

In this sense, he asserted that "we can change things, as we have seen with the boost we are giving to women's sports, and we believe that, together, with actions like this, we can move towards a more egalitarian and sustainable world". "We are responding to the demands of a shared global conscience, that of the artists, who ask for sustainable spaces for their performances, and that of the public, aware of the need to act against climate change".

In line with this commitment, the Iberdrola Group has also just announced that its Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia External link, opens in new window. will decarbonize the two most important festivals in Rio de Janeiro, Rock in Rio and The Town, and will carry out awareness-raising actions with the younger audience in order to involve them in further reducing the environmental impact in one of the largest entertainment segments.

The presentation ceremony, which ended with a session by DJ Laura Put, was also attended by Daniel Martínez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid; Marta Rivera de la Cruz, head of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Madrid City Council; and the CEO of Mad Cool Events, Rafael Coto. 

The appointment took place one day before the start of Mad Cool, which will be the main event of the Iberdrola Music space, the reference music festival in Spain that has been held in Madrid since 2016.