They will encourage measures to promote the use of sustainable energy in housing.

21 JUL 2023

APIRM and i-DE, Iberdrola España's distribution company, will collaborate in the electrification of the region's real estate sector

  • The distribution company of Iberdrola España and the promoters establish a communication channel to improve management efficiency.
  • The collaboration, which will last for three years, will involve the creation of a working group to coordinate action procedures.


The Association of Property Developers of the Region of Murcia (APIRM) and i-DE, the distribution company of Iberdrola España, have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the electrification of the sector in the Region.

Both entities will work together to advance commitments to contribute to the energy transition, related to housing efficiency, the decarbonisation of the different processes in the real estate sector, the integration of renewable energies External link, opens in new window. and the dissemination of information on sustainable consumption.

The president of APIRM, José Ramón Blázquez, and the Area Manager of i-DE in the Region of Murcia, Guillermo Raga, have signed the agreement between both entities, which will last for three years, after participating in an informative meeting with the associates, in which the Institutional Delegate of Iberdrola in the Region, Miguel Ángel Cerdán, was also present.

For José Ramón Blázquez, "the process of electrification of our housing developments and homes is one of the fundamental issues to be taken into account in property development, so good planning and design will have a direct impact on the quality of the homes, their comfort and, of course, their cost of construction and use. Achieving sustainable and efficient housing at a reasonable cost, which allows us to put affordable quality housing on the market, is the biggest challenge ahead of us.

The president of APIRM, in turn, stressed that this is a world "in continuous evolution, both in terms of regulations and new technologies and improvement of existing ones, in which more and more specialisation is needed. It is therefore essential to have the support and advice of i-DE throughout this process".

In a continuous search for improvement in procedures and service to members, "the Association of Developers of the Region of Murcia signs this agreement with the aim of working together with i-DE to improve and optimise the electrification process in all areas, from homes to industry and commerce, and to resolve the various problems that arise", added the head of APIRM.

For his part, Guillermo Raga stressed that this agreement "means improving relations and cooperation with the Association of Real Estate Developers, giving visibility to the ongoing work that i-DE is doing to promote and facilitate the implementation of renewable energies and decarbonisation in all sectors, including the real estate sector, which plays a key role in this area. The company is aware of the need to invest in the grid to offer more flexible and intelligent electricity grids to homeowners in order to use energy more efficiently".

The agreement will also enable the creation of a working group with the aim of proposing and implementing improvements in the procedures for carrying out electrification in the real estate sector, as well as analysing the different regulatory changes that may affect housing development and their application.

i-DE will hold informative seminars on technical aspects related to the day-to-day work of property developers, such as power requests, processing procedures, connections, etc. The company also plans to focus on aspects related to safety and prevention applicable to urban developments with i-DE's electrical installations already in service, in order to avoid or reduce the possible risks of this type of situation.

APIRM is firmly committed to promoting the electrification of housing and the use of different renewable energy sources, as well as encouraging the reduction of carbon emissions in all phases of the life cycle of housing, both new and to be built, and to providing sufficient electrical power in property developments to be able to also provide service to charging points for electric vehicles or heat pumps.

A smart grid at the service of customers

i-DE is currently immersed in a process of digitalisation of the electricity distribution network, which will provide more information to establish energy efficiency and sustainability criteria. i-DE's experience and knowledge in this area will contribute to the successful development of the activities proposed as a result of the agreement.

The transformation of the grids into a robust, flexible and intelligent infrastructure makes it possible to respond to the challenges of the electrification of the electricity system, with greater integration of renewables, the development of sustainable mobility, smart cities and self-consumption, as well as giving consumers greater decision-making capacity and connectivity.

Association of Real Estate Developers of the Region of Murcia

APIRM is actively working to solve the main challenges that developers in the region face in the development of their activity. The signing of this agreement with i-DE is an important step towards improving communication between developers, especially smaller ones, and the distribution company, creating a working group to resolve the main problems that arise in the sector and providing the necessary advice to enable them to make the best decisions.