31 JUL 2023

Strategic agreement signed with Cabify to promote zero-emission mobility in Spain

  • This four-year agreement aims to facilitate access to Iberdrola España's public charging infrastructure, the most extensive in Spain and with a digital experience recognised by users, encouraging the electrification of VTC and taxi drivers who collaborate with Cabify.
  • Cabify's collaborating partners can access, on the one hand, an advantageous price in Iberdrola Spain's public charging network and, on the other, additional benefits in the installation of charging points at home and at the company, with the guarantee of 100% renewable electricity origin and 100% digital management from Iberdrola Spain's apps.
  • Electrified vehicles that collaborate with Cabify can access exclusive categories, such as 'Cabify Eco', and increase their revenue.


Cabify,External link, opens in new window.  the Spanish multi-mobility platform, and Iberdrola España, a leading renewable energy company, have reached a strategic agreement to promote the electrification of the platform's self-employed VTC and taxi drivers. In this regard, a four-year agreement has been reached between the two companies with the aim of facilitating access to Iberdrola España's public charging infrastructure at the best prices for Cabify's collaborators, thus encouraging the electrification of vehicles with drivers (taxis and VTC).

The agreement between the two companies offers a series of discounts applicable to more than 2,200 recharging points distributed throughout Spain with a guarantee of 100% renewable electricity. In this way, Cabify's collaborating partners will be able to access an advantageous price for recharging at Iberdrola Spain's public network. Through the Iberdrola España Public Recharging App, External link, opens in new window. they will be able to locate the equipment and know its status at all times. This is a further step towards the digitalisation of transport services. In addition, they will have special conditions on the price of private recharging equipment for installation in their homes in the case of self-employed VTC or taxi drivers and the same conditions in company points in the case of fleets of more than one car.

This agreement reinforces Iberdrola Spain's Sustainable Mobility PlanExternal link, opens in new window. External link, opens in new window. , launched in 2016, as part of its commitment to sustainability and the environment, and as an effective way to combat climate change. The alliance with Cabify joins the more than 60 agreements that the company has signed with public and private organisations to promote and lead the transition towards sustainable mobility and the electrification of transport.

For its part, this agreement is part of Cabify's Sustainable Business StrategyExternal link, opens in new window. , which seeks to promote the decarbonisation of collaborating fleets with agreements with manufacturers and other companies that favour electrification with the aim that 100% of trips on the platform in Spain will be in zero-emission vehicles by 2025. 

Cabify and Iberdrola España, two companies committed to electrification

Iberdrola España was a pioneer in the development of the public charging network, with the installation of 40 7.4 kW chargers in 2016.  Today, with more than 4,500 charging points in operation, the company has the most extensive public network in Spain. Its application surpassed one million recharges in 2022 and is considered the best rated by electric vehicle users.

In Cabify's case, the EIB announced in December 2022 a loan aimed at boosting the electrification of the company's own fleet. This EUR 40 million loan will go entirely towards the decarbonisation project, for the acquisition of more than 1,400 electric cars and the charging infrastructure needed for them to operate on the platform. Currently, 80% of the fleet connected to Cabify has an ECO or Zero label, a figure far higher than that of the national fleet.

Advantages and exclusive categories for VTC and taxi drivers 

Cabify has the 'Cabify Eco' category, which offers users only electrified vehicles (electric, plug-in hybrids and hybrids), leaving out cars with higher emissions. This category is available to all those companies that travel with 'Cabify for Business' in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Alicante and is already the most used category by companies that travel with Cabify. Specifically, in the case of the capital, this category accounted for more than 75% of corporate trips during the last month.