18 AUG 2023

Iberdrola energetically encourages Spain's victory in the World Cup

  • Sandra Sánchez, Queralt Castellet and Lucía Martiño have travelled to Australia with Iberdrola España to support the national team in its most important event.


Three elite sportswomen, Iberdrola España ambassadors Sandra Sánchez, Queralt Castellet and Lucía Martiño, have travelled to Sydney to give the women's national football team all their support ahead of the World Cup final against the English team on Sunday.

This is the second visit of this Iberdrola España delegation after travelling to New Zealand on the day before the match against Zambia, where they spoke with the company's ambassadors, national team players Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes.

On this occasion, the karateka, the snowboarder and the surfer were accompanied by the CEO of Ibedrola Australia, Ross Rolfe, the director of Renovables Asia Pacific, Fernando Santamaría, and the head of Sponsorships and Advertising of Iberdrola España, Elisa Yarte, and were able to express their encouragement and share with the players their feelings about their time in the competition.

Through their ambassadors, all Iberdrola España employees worldwide send the national team their best energies for this great challenge and will be accompanying them in this transcendental challenge.

The national team will be playing in the final of a top-level tournament for the first time in its history and is now preparing for its final match, in which, with a victory, it would bring the World Cup home.

Iberdrola, official sponsor of the Spanish women's national football team, wanted to share first-hand with the players the affection and massive support that is being felt in our country these days.

In this sense, and from the antipodes of the pitch, the electricity company has been deploying fan zones throughout the competition in different cities in Spain, bringing the excitement of the World Cup to the streets. This Sunday, these Iberdrola España fan zones will be set up in Valladolid, Madrid and Cadiz.

The company was the first to promote women's football, giving its name to Iberdrola Primera División Femenina RFEF since 2016, a competition that changed its name to Primera Iberdrola in 2018 until the 2021/22 season. 

With the professionalisation of women's football, it continues its commitment to promoting competitions such as the Iberdrola Queen's Cup and the Iberdrola Spanish Super Cup, as well as the Iberdrola First Federation.

The electricity company is also the main promoter of women's sport in our country, supporting 32 national sports federations and giving its name to 32 top-level leagues and 100 other competitions. 

Iberdrola España's support reaches two out of every three federated women in Spain - a total of more than 600,000 sportswomen - and with it the number of women's licences in the Federations it supports has grown by 36%.