21 AUG 2023

Ignacio Galán, Executive Chairman of the Iberdrola Group: "We were sure that they would bring the World Cup to Spain".

  • The Executive Chairman of the multinational has congratulated the Women's National Football Team and has also sent a message of condolence to the player Olga Carmona, on the death of her father.
  • "It is a source of pride to have this team representing Spain," said Iberdrola Executive Chairman Ignacio Galán at the first post-summer meeting of the management team held today in Bilbao, as is traditional.
  • Iberdrola has sponsored the Spanish Women's Football Team since 2016.

The Executive Chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, met today in Bilbao with the full management team of the company in their traditional first meeting after the summer. As is tradition, and coinciding with Bilbao's Semana Grande, Iberdrola returns to its regular work after a few days' holiday. 

The Executive Chairman of the Spanish multinational, Ignacio Galán, congratulated the people of Bilbao on their festivities, and wanted to join in the festive atmosphere in the Biscayan capital, along with Mario Ruiz-Tagle, the CEO of Iberdrola España, and the rest of the management team. He also took the opportunity to send a message of congratulations to the Women's National Football Team, following their success and achievement at the World Cup in Australia: "In 2016, right here in Bilbao, when we decided to sponsor the team, we told them that, just as the Men's National Football Team had won the World Cup, we were sure that they would also bring the World Cup to our country". 

Ignacio Galán said that "We are proud to have this Women's National Football Team as representatives of Spain", and wanted to send a message of condolence to the player, Olga Carmona, on the death of her father.

Iberdrola has sponsored the Spanish women's national football team since 2016 and created the hashtag #EllasJueganSoñamosTodos to collect all the messages of support for the team on social networks.

The company was the first to promote women's football, naming the competition Iberdrola Primera División Femenina RFEF from 2016, a nomenclature that changed in 2018 to Primera Iberdrola, until the 2021/22 season. 

Now, it continues to exercise its commitment to the professionalisation of women's football by promoting women's football competitions, such as the Iberdrola Queen's Cup and the Iberdrola Spanish Super Cup, as well as the Iberdrola First Federation.

It is also the main promoter of women's sport in our country. It supports 32 national sports federations, gives its name to 32 top-level leagues and 100 other competitions. It reaches two out of every three federated women in Spain - a total of more than 600,000 sportswomen - and the number of women's licences in the Federations it supports has grown by 36%.