We recognise individuals and organisations that promote women's empowerment through sport

As part of our commitment to promoting gender equality, we organise the Iberdrola Supera Awards to recognise and give visibility to the best initiatives in Spain in favour of equality and the empowerment of women through sport.

Winners of the IV Iberdrola Supera Awards.

Winners of the IV Iberdrola Supera Awards.

Iberdrola Supera Awards Objectives

The Iberdrola Supera Awards aim to recognise and support projects, programmes and initiatives that contribute to achieving the following objectives:

  • To encourage the practice of sport by women.
  • To provide better facilities and equipment for women's sports.
  • To generate family, social and educational reconciliation programmes for sportswomen.
  • To develop initiatives to promote the growth of grassroots women's sport.
  • To value the successes and give visibility to sportswomen and their competitions, creating new references in society in women's sport.
  • To promote real equality and empowerment of women in society at large.

Categories of the 2023 Iberdrola Supera Awards

Iberdrola Supera Base

Premio Iberdrola Supera Competición

Recognition and support to that activity, project and/or program that stands out for the promotion of grassroots sports among girls (up to 16 years of age) for the improvement of health, integration and quality of life of people.


Iberdrola Supera Competición

This category of the Supera Awards will value the recognition and support of that activity, project and/or program that facilitates the incorporation of women into competition, in any of its modalities.


Iberdrola Supera Inclusión

Premio Iberdrola Supera Social

Recognition and support of that activity, project and/or program that is an example of inclusion in the practice of sports for athletes with special abilities.


Iberdrola Supera Social

Recognition and support of activities, projects and/or programs that promote the social integration of women through sports.



Iberdrola Supera Difusión

Premio Iberdrola Supera Social

Recognition and support of that activity, project and/or program that is a reference in the dissemination of sports practiced by women and contributes to transmit the importance of the role of women in sports and in society.


Iberdrola Supera Innovación

Premio Iberdrola Supera Innovación

Recognition and support for any activity, project and/or program that, through science and/or technology, aims to promote research, development and innovation in the field of sport.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the 4th edition of the Iberdrola Supera Awards ended on 4 June. The final decision was made by a Jury of Honour made up of renowned personalities from the world of sport and sports communication such as Alexia Putellas, Jesús Carballo, Manu Carreño, Carolina Marín, Sandra Sánchez, Paloma del Río, Marta Arce, Ona Carbonell, Susanna Griso, Eli Pinedo, Sonsoles Onega, Teresa Perales, Vicente del Bosque, Lydia Valentín and Susana Rodríguez.

Iberdrola España awards six prizes -one per category-, with a prize of €50,000 each.

Winners of the 4th edition of the Supera Awards

Social Category: Sport as therapy for vulnerable women

En la categoría Social, la entidad galardonada ha sido la Fundación EMET por su proyecto ‘Deporte como terapia para mujeres vulnerables’. Esta fundación andaluza propone realizar talleres deportivos para mujeres vulnerables acogidas en sus centros de terapia durante 12 meses, lo que beneficiaría a cerca de 150 mujeres.

Fundación Emet

Base Category: Neskaters

The Basque entity Club C. D Guretxoko has been awarded in the Base category for the 'Neskaters' project, which aims to promote the presence and prominence of women in a sport such as skateboarding, usually dominated by men. Its ultimate goal is to achieve parity in the number of people practising this sport both at school and on the streets.

Competition Category: The strength of women's sport in rural areas

The Club Balonmán Cañiza has been selected as the winning entity in the Competition category for its project 'The strength of women's sport in rural areas', which seeks to improve the training infrastructure for the women's first team that competes at national level in the Women's Silver Division of Honour Handball. This is a club from the Galician town of Cañiza, with a population of just over 5,000, which aims to offer sport and leisure opportunities to children from rural areas so that they do not have to travel to the city.

Dissemination Category: Encumbradas

On the other hand, the 'Encumbradas' ('Peak performers') project was the winner in the Dissemination category. This is a project of the Municipal Sports Board of Siero (Asturias) whose objective is to disseminate the achievement by 78 women of reaching the highest summits of the 78 Asturian municipalities through the recording of a video. In doing so, they seek to promote the practice of amateur sport.

Proyecto 'Encumbradas'.

Inclusion Category: A sea of possibilities

In the Inclusion category, the winner was an individual, Marina Muñoz from the Canary Islands, for her project 'A sea of possibilities', which aims to help people with limited mobility or sensory disorders to experience the thrill of diving. The project will reach more than 100 people.

Proyecto 'Un mar de posibilidades'.

Innovation Category: Total Hockey 

Finally, Club Patín Gijón Solimar (Telecable Hockey Club), has been selected as the winner of the Innovation category for its project 'Hockey Total' (AI + VR), which proposes to use Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality so that its players can compete better and avoid injuries and rehabilitation.

Proyecto Telecable Hockey Club

What was the III edition of the Iberdrola Supera Awards like?

The awards ceremony for the third edition of the Supera Awards was held in Madrid on 30 November 2022. Ignacio Galán, Executive Chairman of Iberdrola, was in charge of presenting the awards to the winners, who were recognised for their promotion of equality through sport. Endowed with a total of €300,000, the awards served to make the winning projects in each of the six categories a reality.

The Jury of Honour was made up of personalities such as Susanna Griso, Sonsoles Ónega, Ona Carbonell and Vicente del Bosque, among others. The winners were Club Getxo Irristan, in the Supera Base category; Club Deportivo Pingüinos Rugby Burgos, in the Supera Competition category; Club Deportivo Delikia, in the Supera Inclusion category; the BCS project, in the Supera Social category, 'EXTV: Conquistadoras', a documentary series for Extremadura Television, in the Supera Difusión category, and the AFFIT by Amparo Folch project: Train your wings, in the Supera Mental Health category.


Committed to SDG 5

Gender equality -the scope of action of the fifth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal- is one of the Iberdrola Group's core values and forms part of its social dividend. In 2016, with the approval of its Equal Opportunity and Reconciliation Policy, the company was a pioneer in its firm and global commitment to equality and the empowerment of women.

Iberdrola España promotes equal opportunities, work-life balance and the comprehensive development of its employees within the organisation, but also in society. This commitment is materialised through its promotion of women's sports, which it considers to be the ideal vehicle for achieving this goal and which also serves to create female role models in society and to promote healthy lifestyle habits from an early age.

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